The right time for trenchless repair

Trenchless repair of damaged pipes and sewers is one of the most demanded services available from hebs Flowtech, the specialist drainage contractor from hebs Group.

It’s a way to repair leaks, strengthen ageing pipelines and prepare for wet weather ahead – which is why the dry part of the year is the ideal time to enquire about trenchless repair.

We all know the British weather is changeable, but by acting when the sun shines, you can make sure your drainage, sewers and other pipelines are up to the task of carrying away excess rainwater once the clouds return.


Why get pipework repaired in summer?

Summer is not the only time of year for trenchless repair of damaged pipes, but it’s one of the best, thanks to the warmer temperatures and generally more settled conditions.

In fact these favorable conditions last right through from spring well into the autumn, depending on short-term weather patterns, and this is the peak period for trenchless repair work in a typical year.

During winter, sub-zero temperatures can make it more difficult to work with frozen soil, wet weather conditions can lead to expensive dewatering and difficult to Stabilise excavations when inserting slip trenches and receiving pits and of course it is more likely that your pipes and drains will already be filled with water, especially if they are in a poor state of repair.

That’s not to say that trenchless pipe repair in winter is out of the question either, but the warmer days, lower rainfall and longer hours of sunlight all make summer the ideal season to make a start.


Preparing for rainy days

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s a return of rainy days at some point before too long, and usually longer spells of inclement weather as autumn progresses into winter.

Where you suffered leaks or structural weaknesses in drains, sewers and pipelines over the past winter, or if you suspect a leak may be forming, or even if you just want to be safe and not sorry, hebs Flowtech’s engineers can help.

Our state-of-the-art inspection equipment can check for damage along your pipes before any repair work is carried out, to ensure that the work is necessary and to determine the best solution given the specific circumstances.

You can read more about our trenchless solutions, including LED UV-cured patch repairs, both on our website and in our recent blog posts.

We also have further information about our general drainage and pipeline maintenance services, inspection, unblocking, descaling and repair – or just get in touch directly with any questions, and we will be happy to help.