Energy saving tips for businesses in 2022

With energy bills predicted to rise by an average of £2,800 a year, businesses and their facility management teams across the UK are looking to increase their sustainability efforts and cut costs on their energy bills to avoid facing the current climate’s economic pressures. 

Here are five energy saving tips for businesses in 2022 to help reduce utility expenditure, whilst ensuring your facilities remain optimally efficient now and into the future. 


  1. Get a handle on your energy consumption


The first step is keeping tabs on your energy consumption over time with regular audits or monitoring systems. This will give you a clear picture of where and when it is used the most, allowing you to target specific areas and implement actionable energy efficient strategies of improvement. 


  1. Use energy-efficient equipment and technology


When it comes to energy efficiency, appliances and office equipment are some of the biggest offenders. Switch to eco-friendly models such as LED lighting that turn off during low occupancy times, or invest in smart HVAC and geothermal systems to control temperature depending on seasonal conditions. Solar panels and wind turbines are another useful way of generating renewable energy for your site too. 


  1. Educate your employees 


One of the best energy saving tips for businesses in 2022 is to educate your employees on energy-saving practices. Informing them of your initiatives via company announcements or visual reminders placed near appliances or switches will help to encourage individuals to do their part in conserving energy.


  1. Reduce water usage


Water is another valuable resource that businesses often take for granted. There are many ways to reduce water consumption in the workplace, such as installing low-flow toilets and taps, using drought-resistant plants in landscaping, and collecting rainwater to use for irrigation. By taking steps to conserve water, you can not only save money, but also help to protect the environment.


  1. Schedule preventative building maintenance 


Regular building maintenance is essential to keeping your energy usage down.. By scheduling annual or bi-annual check-ups, you can catch small problems before they become big ones – expanding the lifespan of your assets by repairing / replacing worn out or damaged equipment and for checking leaks or pipeline blockages. This will help you avoid wasting energy, time and money down the line.


Save energy with hebs Group 

By following these energy saving tips for businesses in 2022, you can make a big difference this year towards a more sustainable future and allow your enterprise to thrive thanks to a sound energy management plan. 

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