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4 New Year's resolutions for facility managers

4 New Year’s resolutions for facility managers

As we close the door on 2022 and look ahead to 2023, now is a great time to reflect on work over the past year, take stock and set goals for the future. Here are 4 New Year’s resolutions for facility managers to get started! 

1. Create a culture of safety and compliance 

Facility managers must ensure that their premises are compliant with all applicable health and safety regulations. This includes conducting regular risk assessments, implementing preventative maintenance measures to reduce risks, and staying up-to-date on the latest policies and procedures when responding to emergencies with regular training sessions, including how to operate equipment and machinery. 

2. Increase energy efficiency 

In the last year, energy efficiency has become increasingly important for businesses as inflation and the cost of living continues to rise. Facility managers have an opportunity to lead the charge by committing to implementing green initiatives wherever possible. This could include installing low-energy lighting solutions, improving insulation, optimising HVAC systems and investing in data-driven energy analytics to help monitor energy consumption and lower operating costs over time. 

3. Invest in your team 

Your team members are the backbone of your organisation; without them, your business wouldn’t be able to function properly — so don’t forget to show them some appreciation! Investing in career development opportunities will  ensure they are well-equipped on industry best practices and prepared for any potential challenges they may face related to their job duties. Offer incentives like bonus days off or gift cards which not only encourages learning opportunities, but it will also keep morale high too!

4. Streamline processes 

The goal here is to create efficient workflows that eliminate unnecessary steps or delays in order to save time and resources. This could include automating routine tasks by utilising technology such as building management systems (BMS) to track work orders, monitor asset usage and performance data, optimise your workforce schedule and more. Taking steps now will help ensure everything runs smoothly in 2023 – leaving more time for strategic planning and growth initiatives!

Happy New Year! 

It’s never too early (or too late) to begin thinking about how you can improve operations at your facility. As one of the UK’s premier facilities management and construction companies, Hebs Group is here to ensure that your business is achieving peak performance by 2023—and beyond! 

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