A busy time for hebs Flowtech in Manchester

The hebs Flowtech team have been busy in and around Greater Manchester, Cheshire and across the north-west in recent weeks.

We’ve had callouts to several of the region’s ambulance stations, as part of our ongoing work to ensure paramedics can respond to medical emergencies without delays.

Just some of the work we’ve done includes:

  • In Sale, the ambulance station had problems with their kitchen pipes. We attended, removed and cleaned the affected pipework of any food debris. We also rinsed and jetted the external lines to prevent the problem from recurring.


  • In Northwich, we jetted and cleaned a blocked outdoor drainage line to restore it to free-flowing again.

  • In Ladybridge, we cleared a completely blocked drain using hand tools and finished the job by jetting it through to remove any remaining obstruction.

  • In Chester we were called out to conduct a drain survey. We used our high-tech imaging equipment to inspect the drains and make sure everything was running smoothly. While we were there, we also installed some bird deterrents to prevent nesting in the wash bay.

Finally, one job we wouldn’t have been asked to do before 2020 – Parkway Manchester called us out to mark two-metre social distancing zones using high-visibility tape.

The bright yellow and black chevron tape makes clear how far apart two metres is in parts of the premises where social distancing might be difficult, such as hallways.

It’s just one part of Parkway’s response to the challenges posed by COVID-19, which also includes reminder notices posted around the premises and hygiene stations to help visitors keep their hands and surfaces clean.

A good job inside and out

Blocked drains and gutters are more likely to be a problem outdoors than inside – there’s more chance for fallen leaves and mud to block them, and it’s often more easily noticed when a car park floods, compared with a slow-draining kitchen sink.

So the case studies above are a useful reminder that we can respond to drainage surveys, blocked sinks and clogged gutters wherever they occur on your premises, including indoors.

We’re also happy to offer many more kinds of routine maintenance, whether that’s preventing birds from nesting in unsuitable locations, or helping you prepare for the medium-term future of social distancing regulations.


If you’d like to know more about any of our work, or you have a particular maintenance challenge and you want to check whether we can help, call hebs Flowtech today on 0151 2360707 and a member of our team will be happy to tell you your options.


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