All about Primus Line Kevlar liners for trenchless rehabilitation

At hebs Flowtech we are able to offer Primus Line Kevlar liners for trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipes across a range of different industrial applications.

Primus Line Kevlar liners overcome some of the common problems faced with industrial pressure pipes, for example:

  • Weaknesses in bends and corners.
  • Loss of strength due to age and corrosion.
  • Sensitive installation environments.
  • Long length pipeline installations.
  • High hydraulic capacity demands.

This is all thanks to the Kevlar construction of the pipes, which strengthens the structure while allowing the walls of the pipe to be much thinner – and this in turn means the inner diameter of the pipe can be bigger, supporting higher capacity and flow rates.


Construction of Primus Line Kevlar liners

Primus Line Kevlar liners have three distinct layers that combine to create a flexible but incredibly strong cross-section:

  • An outer layer of abrasion-resistant polyurethane known as the sheath.
  • A load-bearing Kevlar layer (or double layer) of seamless woven aramid fibres.
  • A media-specific inner layer of polyurethane or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

The single or double Kevlar layer hidden between the polyurethane layers gives the pipe its extremely high load-bearing strength, while allowing the total construction of the pipe walls to be much thinner than if solid high-density polyethylene or a similar material were to be used.

In turn, this maximises flow capacity but also means that these thinner pipe walls are more flexible, and Primus Line can negotiate around bends of up to 45 degrees, with a series of specially designed connectors to navigate around any even tighter corners as required.


Trenchless rehabilitation with Primus Line Kevlar liners

At hebs Flowtech we can install Primus Line Kevlar liners as part of trenchless rehabilitation work, which means less disruption, less delay and less cost to reinstate disturbed ground.

This again is due in part to the flexibility and strength of Primus Line, which can be inserted into the existing pipework in need of trenchless rehabilitation, but does not need to be bonded to the inner surface of the pipe.

Because of their excellent load-bearing strength, Primus Line liners are self-supporting and able to ‘float’ inside the existing pipe, while their thin walls mean only a minimal reduction in the inner diameter of the pipeline.

To find out more about this innovative solution for trenchless pipeline rehabilitation, ask hebs Flowtech about Primus Line Kevlar liners today on +44 0151 236 0707 or by email to

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