hebs group relocation

We have moved!

Due to ongoing expansion we have moved HQ!

You can now find The hebs Group at:

4 – 6 St John’s Road
L22 6QG

You can find us on the same phone number: +44 0151 2360707

We’ll have more news to share regarding our relocation in a further blog post, coming soon!
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Commercial premises refurbishment improves aesthetics and adds value

At hebs Group we offer reactive maintenance to restore commercial premises to full working order quickly following a disaster like a flood or roof collapse – but planned commercial premises refurbishment can add considerable value at any time too.

You don’t have to wait for the roof to fall in before sprucing up your commercial premises, and there’s no better time than at the start of the year when you may have had tenants move out at the end of December, or noticed signs of wear and tear during the less calm weather of the winter months.

Commercial premises refurbishment is an opportunity to have a full spring clean of your property, removing any damaged stud walls or water-stained suspended ceilings and replacing them with modern materials for a fresh, new and inviting look.


Why renovate commercial premises?

It’s not just about making your commercial premises look better – it’s also about maximising their rental value and their appeal to prospective tenants, high-calibre employees, investors, customers and clients.

Modern, well-maintained commercial premises with attractive interiors send out the right message about who you are as a brand, boost productivity from your workforce by giving them a more pleasant place to work, and can even help to maintain healthier employees compared with damp or cold interiors.

This all means that when you renovate commercial premises you are making an investment that will reap returns in the years to come, whether by reducing employee absenteeism, boosting sales and investment, or just by giving you a workplace that you can use effectively.


Our commercial premises refurbishment services

We offer a range of commercial premises refurbishment services – our construction background means we can build extensions and arrange new infrastructure like fibre networks if required too.

Even within the existing building footprint, we can make significant improvements including:

  • Reconfigured room layouts and optimised stud walls.
  • Energy-saving heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Smart lighting and building control systems.

We work across all sectors, from commercial and office, to industrial and infrastructure, and in both the private and public sectors, with a good appreciation of the different pressures faced in each.

To find out more about how hebs Group can bring your commercial premises up to scratch as the new year gets underway, contact us on 0151 236 0707 or email info@hebs-group.co.uk and a member of our team will be happy to help.


The hebs Group awarded conservation award

We’re pleased to announce that we have been awarded a Salisbury Civic Society conservation award for our work on new classrooms and hall extension at Downton CE Primary School.  

The school, originally late Victorian, had already been extended once and the challenge was to match the existing extension style whilst maximising space and creating an open and modern learning facility.  

The work at the school was given a commendation and the Society report noted that “the general impression was that a calming and supporting environment had been created, which would be beneficial to staff and parents as well as children.”  The report went onto say that “the overall impression was of a very worthwhile project, designed and carried out with great care.”

Paul Bolland, managing director of The hebs Group, said of the award: “We’re extremely proud of our work on Downton CE Primary School and honoured to have had this work recognised with a commendation from Salisbury Civic Society Conservation Awards Scheme 2018.  It was a challenging project but one we’re pleased to be associated with.”

The work, from foundations to steel framework, through to the installation of benches and cladding, was completed on time and within budget.  For more information on the project, click here.

Christmas comes early with seven new PureGym fit-outs

At hebs Group we are proud of our ongoing work with PureGym to deliver new gym fit-outs for the fast-growing fitness brand.

We have built up a great level of trust to become a contractor in PureGym’s framework, which also saw us awarded the contract to fit out the 200th PureGym located in Brighton.

But the brand shows no signs of stopping its rapid growth and, in December 2018, no fewer than seven new PureGym locations opened their doors with facilities fitted by hebs Group.

With these new locations distributed nationwide, most of the population of England are within fairly close reach – testament to PureGym’s ambition to open in places where it is most convenient for the local community.

The seven new openings in December 2018 include:

  • Birmingham Beaufort Park
  • Bournemouth
  • Bristol Harbourside
  • Gateshead
  • London Borough
  • London Waterloo
  • Portsmouth

With our deep understanding of the unique nature of the leisure fit-out market – premises that serve a very practical purpose, yet also attract repeat custom in a comfortable and luxurious environment – we are pleased to see PureGym continue to go from strength to strength.


Happy clients, happy Christmas

As 2018 draws to a close, the true bellwether of how well we have done this year is in our clients’ satisfaction and the feedback and testimonials they provide us with.

Jonathan Graley, project manager for PureGym, had some glowing words for hebs Group that you may have already seen us share on our social media channels – you can find us on Facebook and on Twitter.

He said: “Thanks to everyone in hebs Group for all their hard work and effort in making 2018 such a useful year for PureGym. Looking forward to working with hebs Group again in 2019.”

We are also looking forward to continuing this great partnership and fitting out gym facilities in even more areas up and down the UK to the highest of standards.

Our social media profiles are the place to look for photos and updates on our latest leisure fit-outs, including the progress we can share on our latest work with PureGym in locations near you.

Like and Follow us on Facebook, or Follow us on Twitter at @hebsgroup for all of our posts as we move into 2019. You can find out more about our leisure fit-out services on the website or contact us directly on 0151 236 0707 or info@hebs-group.co.uk.




How trenchless technology is transforming UK maintenance services

A wide range of UK maintenance services and new infrastructure installations, from water pipes and drainage to high-speed fibre optic networks and connecting green energy farms to the grid, are benefiting from trenchless technology.

Matthew Izzard, chairman of the UK Society of Trenchless Technology, told the Polish publication Trenchless Engineering that Britain is seeing strong demand for trenchless technology as part of attempts to cut down on water leakage and to install more fibre optics and new utilities.

“We are also seeing drivers such as the environment and reduced public disruption in cities, as well as technological advances in the equipment and design making jobs that were not possible to use no-dig on in the past now becoming influencers,” he added.


The importance of using trenchless technology experts

Mr Izzard listed some of the priorities of using trenchless technology – including the twin desires for safe and competent trenchless technology installations.

“It is important that the operators using the equipment do so in a safe environment and have been suitably trained for the application they are using,” he explained.

Safety training and expertise is backed up by the right documents and permissions to work on the proposed job site – including any necessary permits, conditions of acceptability, and permission to close roads if required.

At hebs Group we have considerable expertise in no-dig installations and maintenance, as our hebs Trenchless Solutions team has been providing UK maintenance services using trenchless technology since this modern method was in its infancy.

We also make sure to keep pace with the introduction of new trenchless technologies like cured in place pipe, or CIPP, LED-activated patch repair systems and laser-guided auger boring tools that can allow us to replace broken and burst pipelines in place.


How to hire hebs Trenchless Solutions

Get in touch today to find out more about how hebs Trenchless Solutions can provide new installations and pipe maintenance services wherever you are in the UK.

The recently launched hebs Flowtech team provide a modern, high-tech and specialist focus on drainage maintenance in particular, with services ranging from gutter and drainpipe clearance, to roof surveys, to drain and sewer rehabilitation.

For drainage maintenance services in particular, or to enquire about using our trenchless technology on any planned and reactive maintenance or new installations, call hebs Group on 0151 236 0707 or email info@hebs-group.co.uk and a member of our team will be happy to help.


Hebs Group complete 450m Birmingham dark fibre installation

hebs Group recently completed the installation of 450 metres of dark fibre beneath the streets of Birmingham city centre, increasing the availability of fibre optics for business networking in the area.

The work was carried out on Charlotte Street and Summer Row, at the very heart of the city and close to major landmarks including University College Birmingham, BT Tower, and a large number of hotels and business premises.

Previous Birmingham dark fibre installations by our client have already established high-speed links in the city over relatively large distances, including between different teaching sites belonging to Birmingham City University.

With nearly 500m of new dark fibre laid, premises on the two roads now have access to spare capacity for high-speed optical networking, helping to underpin the delivery of superfast internet and wide area networking in Birmingham city centre.

Mixed materials and night-time working

As a main part of Birmingham city centre, hebs Group had to make sure we carried out this work carefully so as not to disrupt the local area.

The job involved burying dark fibre optic cabling beneath a variety of surfaces, ranging from tarmac roads to block paved pedestrian pavements and also beneath car parks – not to mention crossing a dual carriageway.

We worked diligently to complete the work with minimal disruption, for example by installing the dual carriageway crossings overnight when traffic flows would be lower, and by reinstating the surfaces that we had to disturb in order to lay the dark fibre cabling.

This meant re-laying block pavers to put pavements back as they were before the work began, as well as laying fresh tarmac to patch up any channels we had to dig – and repainting road markings and parking bay lines over the top.

All of the dark fibre optic cables were buried at a safe depth where they are less likely to be disturbed or damaged in future, and clearly labelled with warning tape at a shallower depth, where it will be uncovered first during any future excavations.

Civil engineering and infrastructure from hebs Group

At hebs Group we apply the highest professional standards to all of our civil engineering contracts and infrastructure work, whether it’s fibre optic networking or another utility, or any other civil project you might need completing.

To find out more, please contact Neil Kerrigan at hebs Group for any enquiries relating to civils work. You can call Neil directly on 07534 854269 with any relevant enquiries.



High-tech innovation from north-west drainage contractors hebs Flowtech

The range of technologies available from north-west drainage contractors hebs Flowtech continues to expand with a high-tech innovation that’s a first for sewerage contractors in the north of England.

Flowtech can now provide cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) drain and sewer lining technology that until now has not been available from any other drainage contractor based in the north of England and operating in either the private sector or the facilities management industry.

The significant high-tech innovation is the use of cutting-edge ultraviolet LED technology to cure the resin in place, which gives the drain or sewer contractor excellent control over the curing process.


Advantages of UV-cured CIPP lining

There are many advantages of UV-cured CIPP lining for new drains and sewers, or to repair damage in old drainage pipes.

Some examples include:

  • Control of the time and location of curing by the position of the UV LED lights.
  • No need to race against a predetermined rate of curing, or stuck/failed liners.
  • Fast total curing time means faster progress and quicker setup of next section.
  • Rapid overall installation and ability to use multiple patches quickly.
  • Low total energy consumption – and no need for large generators on-site.
  • Small, compact packer and UV light equipment compared to other methods.
  • Compact size enables access to confined areas where standard lining rigs cannot reach.

It’s a list that goes on and on, but the main points are that UV-cured CIPP technology is faster, more directly controllable and can be used in more confined and compact locations.

Significantly for companies with an environmental commitment, it also uses less energy and causes less disruption to the local landscape due to bringing bulky generators and other equipment on-site.

This all adds up to a quick, convenient and eco-conscious process that hebs Flowtech are making available for the first time from an FM/private sector drainage contractor based in the north-west.


Get your pipes, drains and sewers cured by hebs Flowtech

We are now offering this low-risk, eco-friendly drain curing technology to our customers throughout the north-west, across the north of England and nationwide.

You may have been referred to us by the manufacturer, as the preferred drainage contractor in the north-west, or you might have found hebs Flowtech on your own.

Either way, you can contact us on 0151 236 0707 or email info@hebs-group.co.uk for a no-obligation initial consultation, or with any other questions you might have about the UV-cured CIPP drain lining process.

hebs Flowtech has arrived

Following feed back from our clients we have invested heavily in anew division of the hebs Group, we now have industry leading capabilities in the self delivery of drainage, sewer and pipeline maintenance, inspections and trench-less repairs using state of the art CCTV & High Pressure Water Jetting equipment, this will a be great benefit to our existing clients and a new work stream for the group, hebs Flowtech has the knowledge and support of our Director Of Maintenance Mr Mike Berry who has over 20 years experience in the utility and industrial cleaning sectors and has come to hebs following 6 years as a the leader of a specialist pipeline repair contractor on A.M.P.6

Keep checking back with us for the latest updates and development in this new division or call our team for more information…..

Pure Gym Fareham opens with hebs Group’s help

The newly opened Pure Gym Fareham is the 208th location for the budget fitness gym chain in under a decade, and hebs Group were delighted to go to work preparing the premises for the grand opening on time, on budget and to the client’s expectations.

It’s not the first time hebs Group have been chosen by Pure Gym to provide leisure fitout services for new gyms in the chain – in fact we were also principal contractors on the 200th Pure Gym outlet at Brighton.

For the Fareham project, we were given an eight-week deadline to have the building completed and handed over, on a budget of £580,000 – and that’s even before the fitness and workout equipment was installed – so naturally the hebs team rose to the challenge.

Parameters were agreed for the project as a whole, and hebs Group are proud to have delivered the finished premises on budget and within parameters, and to the very high standard of finish expected of a brand new and custom-built Pure Gym venue.

We worked diligently to bring the property to Practical Completion on time, before it was handed over to Pure Gym courtesy of project manager Jon Graley and their new openings manager Dan Blackhall, ready for them to take over ahead of launch day.

By bringing the project in on schedule, hebs Group were able to give the Pure Gym Fareham team the time they needed to carry out their own finishing touches, such as installing the gym equipment and preparing the premises for the official public opening.

Launch day was on Tuesday September 18th, adding the 208th state-of-the-art facilities to the group’s portfolio, less than ten years after they opened their first-ever gym back in 2009, and continuing their ambition to provide friendly and supportive fitness centres in convenient locations nationwide.

Pure Gym Fareham shared their own images of the ambitious fitness centre fitout throughout the process, with sneak previews of the banks of overhead lighting, the newly installed changing rooms and the “serious” air conditioning vents at the rear – helping to add to the excitement ahead of the official launch.

The newly finished facility is a great addition to the area, offering no-contract affordable gym membership in Fareham along with employment opportunities for personal trainers who live nearby – a truly win-win result from a project that was meticulously planned and delivered to the highest of hebs Group’s standards.

A warm welcome to hebs Flowtech

We are proud to announce the launch of hebs Flowtech, our new venture that focuses specifically on hebs Ltd’s drainage and sewer work.

Flowtech has been created in response to high levels of client demand, as well as to tackle some of the opportunities in this important area of our business.

Alongside the existing services that make up the hebs Ltd portfolio, Flowtech further completes our building and facilities management offering, helping hebs to be your one-stop service provider.


What services does hebs Flowtech offer?

We provide a fully featured building and facilities management service with a focus on drainage and sewers, including:

  • Commercial roof surveys
  • CCTV surveys
  • Confined spaces entry
  • Remote gutter clearance
  • High-pressure jet cleaning
  • Drain and sewer cleaning
  • Tank and vessel cleaning
  • Sewer mapping
  • Sewer rehabilitation

Some of these building management services have been available from hebs Group in the past – for example as part of our drainage and pipeline maintenance on both a planned and reactive basis.

But Flowtech allows us to go further, with a dedicated sewer and drainage team that can carry out surveys, cleaning and repair work on every aspect of your premises from your roofs and gutters, to your drains and sewers.


Cutting-edge technology

The ‘tech’ part of the Flowtech name is a hint at some of the cutting-edge technology we use when carrying out surveys and maintenance work at high altitude, in confined spaces, and in any other challenging locations on your premises.

Some of the equipment we use in order to do this includes:

  • CCTV pan and tilt crawler unit
  • Depth and location tracing equipment
  • High-pressure water jetting unit
  • High-reach sky vac
  • Pan and tilt push rod

Again, launching Flowtech allows us to invest in even more of these modern technologies, so that we are able to carry out even more in-depth site surveys and give our customers the benefits of a high-tech approach.


Find out more about Flowtech

If you have had drainage and pipeline maintenance services from hebs Group in the past and would like to know more about switching over to Flowtech, or if you are a new customer interested in what Flowtech can do for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can call hebs Group on 0151 236 0707 or email info@hebs-group.co.uk to find out more about Flowtech, our work on drainage, sewers and pipelines, or for general enquiries about any of our building and facilities management services.