Building buildings: New construction from start to finish

When we talk about ‘building’ we mean the process of new construction, and the finished product – the newly built premises that you can then begin to use.

It’s no surprise that the same word applies to both parts of the new-build construction process, as it’s important to design new buildings to suit their purpose and to deliver them to a high standard.

The best architect’s plans can be undermined by poor execution, and the best builders cannot construct premises for one purpose if they were designed for something completely different.

That’s why at hebs group, we are proud to offer new-build construction services that start with your vision for what you want your premises to achieve, and end with delivering on that purpose to the highest of standards.

By adopting this holistic, start-to-finish approach, we are able time and time again to build buildings that meet the needs of our clients while incorporating all of the benefits of modern design methods and materials.


Industry and environment

We also understand that new-build construction is increasingly about delivering more than just the fabric of the building – there’s an ever-growing focus on its environmental impact and industry-specific legislation on issues like carbon footprint and energy management.

By taking all these factors into consideration from the start of the design and construction process, we can make sure you receive premises that make the best use of current innovations in building management and energy efficiency.

Smart building design also means future maintenance to the building fabric, roofing, HVAC and other services is easier and more cost-effective, so you can continue to install new technologies and upgrade your existing building infrastructure in the years to come.


A long and happy life

At hebs group we deliver new-build construction that is designed to withstand the test of time, while also being upgraded to benefit from new environmental technologies.

We know that many of these buildings will stand for decades, and there’s a huge sense of pride associated with that for anyone who works in new-build construction.

For existing premises, we can refurbish, refit and retrofit as appropriate to give you fresh interiors that are comfortable and welcoming to work in or otherwise occupy.

And on new-build construction we will always go the extra mile to produce a property that is not just fit for purpose, but really delivers on your dream of what you hoped to achieve from the first napkin sketch, to the ribbon-cutting ceremony and beyond.

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