Commercial premises refurbishment improves aesthetics and adds value

At hebs Group we offer reactive maintenance to restore commercial premises to full working order quickly following a disaster like a flood or roof collapse – but planned commercial premises refurbishment can add considerable value at any time too.

You don’t have to wait for the roof to fall in before sprucing up your commercial premises, and there’s no better time than at the start of the year when you may have had tenants move out at the end of December, or noticed signs of wear and tear during the less calm weather of the winter months.

Commercial premises refurbishment is an opportunity to have a full spring clean of your property, removing any damaged stud walls or water-stained suspended ceilings and replacing them with modern materials for a fresh, new and inviting look.


Why renovate commercial premises?

It’s not just about making your commercial premises look better – it’s also about maximising their rental value and their appeal to prospective tenants, high-calibre employees, investors, customers and clients.

Modern, well-maintained commercial premises with attractive interiors send out the right message about who you are as a brand, boost productivity from your workforce by giving them a more pleasant place to work, and can even help to maintain healthier employees compared with damp or cold interiors.

This all means that when you renovate commercial premises you are making an investment that will reap returns in the years to come, whether by reducing employee absenteeism, boosting sales and investment, or just by giving you a workplace that you can use effectively.


Our commercial premises refurbishment services

We offer a range of commercial premises refurbishment services – our construction background means we can build extensions and arrange new infrastructure like fibre networks if required too.

Even within the existing building footprint, we can make significant improvements including:

  • Reconfigured room layouts and optimised stud walls.
  • Energy-saving heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Smart lighting and building control systems.

We work across all sectors, from commercial and office, to industrial and infrastructure, and in both the private and public sectors, with a good appreciation of the different pressures faced in each.

To find out more about how hebs Group can bring your commercial premises up to scratch as the new year gets underway, contact us on 0151 236 0707 or email and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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