Commercial property maintenance checklist

Commercial property maintenance is an ongoing task – you never know when you’ll discover a blocked drain or burst pipe. But with a sensible schedule and pre-emptive action, you can avoid expensive downtime and keep the costs of repair work to a minimum.

In order to do this, it’s good practice to have a commercial property maintenance checklist in place. That can include a list of the various parts of your premises that you need to inspect, as well as how often to inspect them.

Some elements need more frequent inspection than others, and you should also be prepared for extra ad hoc inspections after adverse weather, or if you notice signs of damage such as a leak or missing roof tiles.


What goes on a commercial property maintenance checklist?

A commercial property maintenance checklist can be divided into several sections, to group together common issues and elements that can be inspected at the same time.

Some examples of groups you might want to include on your checklist are:

  • Building Fabric
  • Drainage and Pipework
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Roofing (inc. Guttering)
  • Utilities (Gas/Electric/Water)

There’s some crossover here – a blocked gutter can be classed as a roofing issue and a drainage issue – so place each issue where it makes the most sense for your own needs.


How often to check commercial premises

Some commercial premises maintenance can be continuous – for example, you might make it part of your daily routine to look up at the roof for signs of damage, or to make sure your drains are free-flowing.

As mentioned above, you should also be ready to check for damage following extreme weather, especially in winter when it’s likely there will be heavy rain and sub-zero temperatures (although damage should be repaired as soon as possible at any time of year).

For planned maintenance, decide whether to inspect fixtures and fittings monthly, quarterly or annually. There’s no fixed rules on this – you can inspect some elements more often than others, and more frequently in winter, if you want.


Call in the experts

If you’ve found damage that needs to be repaired, or you’d like to leave the inspection itself to the experts, call hebs Group on 0151 2360707 and we can arrange a visit by our engineers.

We are happy to arrange scheduled inspections and maintenance for all your building fabric, HVAC, utilities and drainage, plus any other fixtures and fittings you’d like to include.

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