Commercial property maintenance for Autumn

Commercial property maintenance can be very complex and facilities managers often don’t realise what is required until they get into it. 

Now as the weather starts to take a turn for the worse, facilities management companies are seeing an increase in work as commercial buildings need preparing for autumn.

It’s important that facilities managers are aware of what needs doing to ensure that building owners are complying with health and safety legislation, reduce downtime, costs and risks of injury or damage.

Facilities managers who have planned ahead benefit from operational excellence, cost reduction initiatives and compliance which reduces risk for their business. It can also enhance brand reputation which is increasingly important when trying to attract new clients. 

Having a robust facilities management plan means you know exactly what needs doing and when. Here is a list of essential autumn maintenance tasks to ensure your commercial property is fully functional during the colder seasons. 


Roof inspections 

Inspecting the roofs for potential damage which may require repair before heavy rainfall comes through leaves them at risk of leaks and further damages. Their replacement could be very expensive and put a building out of action for a few weeks if it’s not done correctly due to the fragile state of some older commercial properties roofs.


Guttering and drainage maintenance 

Checking gutters and drains on top floors is important as they quickly fill up with leaves, sticks and debris. If left unchecked, this can result in water damage, mould and – the worst case scenario – infestations which are costly to fix and could halt productivity. 

Cleaning them regularly means that the water can flow freely when it pours down and prevents build ups or clogs before they happen. 


Inspecting windows

Investigating window seals for wear and tear is another essential commercial property maintenance task for Autumn. If the seals are worn, this can lead to draughts, which can be expensive to repair and replace as commercial facilities managers need to ensure that no dirt gets into the building during installation.


Checking fire alarms 

This should be done twice a year, but facilities managers often find they look ten years older than their age due to dust build up. Therefore, hiring a professional facilities management company ensures it’s brought back up to date with new batteries and looks as good as new again.


Checking air conditioning units 

Examining your HVAC unit for any damage is a worthwhile investment during Autumn. With the change in climate, this can have a major effect on your systems and employees/customers. 

If commercial facilities cannot control the temperature in buildings all of the time, they can end up with expensive, costly bills and an even colder building. Remember, you can always hire HVAC specialists to come over for a quarterly check up to meet your individual needs. 



Damp caused by the outside elements can be a problem for commercial properties, so you will need to combat this as soon as the seasons change. One simple method is making sure that those facilities on site that are likely to suffer from dampness have been checked and serviced if necessary – such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry facilities. 

Once you’ve done this, it’s also a good idea to try and identify where damp could potentially enter your building. 


Call in the commercial property maintenance experts 

Are you prepared this Autumn? Don’t hesitate and get in touch now with hebs Group on 0151 2360707 where we offer fully proven and established maintenance services to clients across Liverpool and the UK. 

We help to support a building’s operational requirements, ensuring the longevity of your commercial premises no matter the season. 

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