Engineering and construction trends in the hospitality industry 2021

The past year has been challenging for many sectors, but hospitality was especially hard hit by COVID-19 and as we move towards the main summer months of 2021, many venues are only just starting to open back up with limited capacity.

Engineering and construction have also had to adapt to new methods of working, with a focus on reducing the number of employees in close proximity and avoiding enclosed areas as much as possible throughout the pandemic.

However, there are signs of optimism with vaccinations rolling out and infection rates falling. As the UK moves towards herd immunity, the economy is already showing signs of bouncing back strong, with high demand for hospitality venues that are able to operate.


Domestic demand

We’re looking at another summer of staycations, this time due to travel restrictions rather than economic issues – and that means there is potentially more money to be made than during previous staycation seasons.

Hoteliers should look to create self-contained units wherever possible, with holidaymakers able to stay within their bubble, rather than needing to access shared bathrooms, toilets and other facilities.

Ventilation is also important as we look to live with the novel Coronavirus long-term, so HVAC systems should be inspected, improved and updated where necessary to keep clean air circulating.


International tourism

The medium-term future of international tourism into the UK is unclear, as countries have yet to decide on their respective COVID passport rules, and free movement of tourists is far from assured during the coming years.

As international travel resumes, hospitality operators ranging from hoteliers to restaurateurs can target the upper end of the market with well-appointed premises that offer a taste of luxury that many travellers will be craving after 12 months spent at home.

It may also be wise for hotels and guest houses located near airports to ready themselves for any tourists who need somewhere to quarantine – including those who have to extend their stay at short notice.


Casual hospitality

The casual hospitality sector, including pubs and restaurants, is starting to see brighter times ahead, with outdoor service already open to the public once again.

Early indications are that demand will be high from consumers who have spent a year sat at home – and who already associate emergence from lockdown with 2020’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

Although indoor service will soon also be possible, many customers may continue to prefer the natural ventilation of an outdoor table, so venues should continue to invest in outdoor heating as well as indoor HVAC systems, to optimise both areas for COVID-secure service.

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