Flooding: car park drainage solutions

We are – we hope – coming through the worst of the winter weather and into spring, but unpredictable heavy rain is a fact of life especially as our climate becomes warmer.

If your parking area was affected by flooding during the recent storms, it might be worth looking into some car park drainage solutions.

Of course, in severe storms it’s not possible to absolutely guarantee your car park won’t flood but having the right drainage solutions in place can help to prevent standing water from accumulating during a relative short downpour.

By improving the drainage from your car park, you help to make sure that water enters the sewers as it should, reducing the risk of your premises flooding and helping your local area to handle higher levels of rainfall too.

When car park drains go wrong

In recent weeks hebs Flowtech have been called out to take a look at several examples of car park drainage systems gone wrong:

  • At Sharston Ambulance Station, we jetted a manhole outlet to ensure water could drain down the covering grid as intended.
  • At Crewe Ambulance Station, we jetted another manhole to clear a blockage and restore free-flowing drainage.
  • At Dukinfield Ambulance Station, we opted to plunge a blockage using drain rods, removing debris so water could flow again.
  • At Rochdale Ambulance Station, we used gulley grabs to clean out a tightly packed blockage and then power washed the drain to flush it clean.

Using different techniques that were suitable to each challenge, we were able to completely clear out the blocked drains, leaving them looking as good as new.

Why car park drains get blocked

It’s inevitable that car park drains – like any drains, really – will become clogged up over time.

That’s because as water drains into them, it can carry with it debris like mud, silt and leaves, which will eventually start to accumulate into a blockage.

You need to let the water into the drain, but you also need to keep the debris out – which is why good car park drainage solutions with the right kinds of grids and grates are a good start.

We know the coming months will bring their fair share of heavy rain, even once the summer arrives, so we encourage all our customers to get their car park drains cleared out while the sun shines.


If you’d like hebs Flowtech to take a look at your pipes, or you’re interested in getting better car park drainage systems installed, contact us today by calling 0151 2360707 or emailing info@hebs-group.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.

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