Flowtech clear a channel to fix blocked drains in Broughton

The hebs Flowtech team were recently called out to fix blocked drains in Broughton at the premises of the Local Medical Committee (LMC) on Garstang Road.

Although the leafy suburb north of Preston is a scenic location for Broughton Ambulance Station, the surrounding trees mean fallen leaves present a constant risk of blocked drains.

In this case, an accumulation of dead leaves and other debris had built up over time on the roof of the building, including in the drainage channels that run the length of the sloping roof.

This led to a further problem, as the downpipes were also blocked, leaving nowhere for rainwater to go in a controlled way.

Flowtech’s engineers were called out to assess the situation and take the necessary action to restore drainage to the Broughton LMC’s roof.

How to fix blocked drains on a roof

The problem in this case was not difficult to diagnose, thanks to the build-up of fallen leaves on the roof of the building and especially in the drainage channels.

As a result, we were able to quickly take action to clear the blocked channels, as well as to restore free-flowing drainage into the downpipes.

We removed the debris and dead leaves from the channels, as well as from the rest of the roof, to ensure it is as long as possible before it can begin to build up again.

In addition, the Flowtech team jetted the downpipes to make absolutely certain they were clear of any partial blockages, to maximise the amount of water that can drain from the roof of the LMC.

Don’t neglect blocked rooftop drains

It’s easy to overlook blocked rooftop drains, including roof surface drainage channels and the downpipes they empty into, especially if you don’t regularly access the roof or have a direct view over it from above.

Look out for any signs of rainwater overflowing the roof edge, instead of being guided into the downpipes as intended.

Overflow may occur in the same or similar place each time it rains, as the excess water finds the lowest point of the roof edge, and this can lead to damp problems as parts of your building’s masonry receive a regular soaking.


If you have any concerns about roof drainage, downpipes or run-off water removal from anywhere on your premises, contact hebs Flowtech today on 0151 2360707 and we can arrange a visit to fix blocked drains in Broughton and the surrounding area.


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