hebs Flowtech clear ACO grids by hand at Fulwood

Sometimes if you want a job doing well, you have to get your hands dirty, and that’s exactly what the hebs Flowtech team did during a recent callout to Fulwood station.

ACO grids normally prevent debris from falling into the gutter below, but they must also let water through so it can enter the drain.

Over time, silt and smaller materials can enter along with the wastewater, and occasional maintenance is needed to remove this and maintain free-flowing drainage.

Without clearing out the ACO grilles and the gullies beneath them, water cannot drain, which in turn leads it to back up and can cause surface flooding.

Fulwood’s ACO grids had become blocked, so hebs Flowtech engineers got down to it with hand tools to deliver a good-quality finish.

How to clear blocked ACO grids

(Before)                                                                           (After)

ACO grids are an important part of carrying surface water into the sewers. They cover gutters, which in turn empty into drains that take the water underground – but Fulwood’s ACO gullies were clogged with mud and leaves.

We followed a painstaking process to uncover and remove the accumulated silt and debris in the drainage channels by:

  • Removing the ACO grilles to provide direct access to the gutters.
  • Using hand tools to clean out debris and blockages.
  • Jet-washed the outlet to blast away any remaining surface grime.

This three-step process ensures there’s no dirt or detritus left behind. We not only remove the blockage, but also leave the drains looking as good as new.

It’s not just about getting the wastewater flowing – it’s also about making sure the drains, gutters and ACO grids stay unblocked for as long as possible.

We always impress our customers with our in-depth knowledge of the industry.

No time like the present

At hebs Flowtech we provide industry-leading capabilities in drainage, gutter clearance, sewerage and pipeline maintenance.

There’s never a bad time to get blocked drains cleared. You never know when a summer downpour will leave you with a flooded car park, Autumn will soon be upon us so we can expect more wind and rain.

If you want to keep the rain in the drain, where it belongs, call the dedicated hebs Flowtech team today on 0151 236 0707.

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