Flowtech gutter clearance for Environment Agency

The Flowtech team recently spent two days on a detailed gutter clearance for the Environment Agency in Warrington, leaving them with free-flowing gutters and downpipes.

Gutter clearance is an essential maintenance task so any rain that falls on the roof is correctly carried away and does not pour on to paths below, or down the side of the building where it can penetrate masonry and lead to damp problems in the long term.

In Warrington we spent two days cleaning about 250 metres of guttering, including the hoppers and drainpipes, leaving the entire roof drainage system was left in as-new condition ready for the autumn and winter months ahead.


What we did

The job involved working at high level on a significant length of gutters, as well as the hoppers that collect the water and transfer it from the horizontal guttering into the vertical downpipes.

We used a cherry picker to reach the roof level and jet washed the gutters, removing the silt and other debris that had accumulated over time.

After giving the gutters and pipes a final wash, we left them clean and clear, in time for the rainy months still to come in 2020 and as we move into the winter of 2021.

Flowtech complete their jobs to the highest standard, and in this case we took care to leave the pipes and guttering not only free of any large obstructions, but cleaned of minor dirt too, so it will be a long time before they need any further maintenance work.

Get your gutters checked

Gutter clearance should be a priority at this time of year – it shouldn’t be a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ just because you can’t easily see how much dirt and debris is accumulating.

Failing to keep gutters clear can lead to multiple problems that are harder to fix in the long term:

  • Excess rainwater pouring on to the ground below
  • Surface flooding as water is not guided into the drains correctly
  • Masonry damage and internal damp due to penetrating rainwater
  • Damage to guttering due to excess weight of accumulated detritus
  • Severe downpipe blockages due to materials entering from the gutters


It’s also likely that leaves will have blown into your gutters during the autumn months, if you see signs of water overflowing your gutters, visible damage, or you just haven’t had them checked in the past year, give the Flowtech team a call on 0151 236 0707 and we can take care of it for you.

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