hebs Flowtech cupboard repair and maintenance in Ashton

Reports of cutbacks are not usually welcome, but at Ashton-under-Lyne Ambulance Station a set of cupboards were no longer needed – and hebs Flowtech helped to make history of them with our cupboard repair and maintenance services.

Our team attended to dismantle the parts of the cupboards that were no longer needed, freeing up useful floor space and providing much easier access to the ambulance station’s windows.

We left one cupboard where it was, and cut back the worktop over it to match. This means the staff at the station still have some storage space, but aren’t missing out on a major amount of floor space too.

The training room is now much more open, which will help immediately with social distancing during the remainder of the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as making the room more usable for the long term too.


What we did

You might associate Flowtech with drainpipes and gutters, especially if you’ve read most of our past case studies and seen the work we do.

But the Flowtech team can do much more than just clear blocked drains. To complete work on this job, we:

  • Dismantled and removed cupboards that were no longer needed
  • Cut back the excess worktop to fit the remaining cupboard
  • Added safety trim to the remaining worktop edge
  • Hoovered and cleaned exposed PVC


We’re proud to support our customers by providing a highly responsive service to carry out all kinds of maintenance and repair work, including these kinds of alterations.

Your premises should give you what you need from them – and if your needs have changed, your premises should change too.

If you’re stuck working around old built-in cupboards that you no longer need, call Flowtech on 0151 2360707 and we’re bound to be able to help get things up to date for you.


How we work

Flowtech’s commitment is to you, our customer. We will work with minimum disruption to your day, especially if you need us to carry out the work while you are open for business.

We work with ambulance stations and other emergency services facilities across the north-west, and we understand the unique pressures you face, and the need for 24/7 operations.

By avoiding any interruption to your services, we ensure you can continue to fulfil your duties to local residents.

We’ll even clean up after ourselves so that when we leave, you can go back to using your space for meetings, training or general office work, without delay.

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