High-tech innovation from north-west drainage contractors hebs Flowtech

The range of technologies available from north-west drainage contractors hebs Flowtech continues to expand with a high-tech innovation that’s a first for sewerage contractors in the north of England.

Flowtech can now provide cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) drain and sewer lining technology that until now has not been available from any other drainage contractor based in the north of England and operating in either the private sector or the facilities management industry.

The significant high-tech innovation is the use of cutting-edge ultraviolet LED technology to cure the resin in place, which gives the drain or sewer contractor excellent control over the curing process.

Advantages of UV-cured CIPP lining

There are many advantages of UV-cured CIPP lining for new drains and sewers, or to repair damage in old drainage pipes.

Some examples include:

  • Control of the time and location of curing by the position of the UV LED lights.
  • No need to race against a predetermined rate of curing, or stuck/failed liners.
  • Fast total curing time means faster progress and quicker setup of next section.
  • Rapid overall installation and ability to use multiple patches quickly.
  • Low total energy consumption – and no need for large generators on-site.
  • Small, compact packer and UV light equipment compared to other methods.
  • Compact size enables access to confined areas where standard lining rigs cannot reach.

It’s a list that goes on and on, but the main points are that UV-cured CIPP technology is faster, more directly controllable and can be used in more confined and compact locations.

Significantly for companies with an environmental commitment, it also uses less energy and causes less disruption to the local landscape due to bringing bulky generators and other equipment on-site.

This all adds up to a quick, convenient and eco-conscious process that hebs Flowtech are making available for the first time from an FM/private sector drainage contractor based in the north-west.

Get your pipes, drains and sewers cured by hebs Flowtech

We are now offering this low-risk, eco-friendly drain curing technology to our customers throughout the north-west, across the north of England and nationwide.

You may have been referred to us by the manufacturer, as the preferred drainage contractor in the north-west, or you might have found hebs Flowtech on your own.

Either way, you can contact us on 0151 236 0707 or email info@hebs-group.co.uk for a no-obligation initial consultation, or with any other questions you might have about the UV-cured CIPP drain lining process.

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