How CRMs are helping to manage your roofing projects

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the name given to software packages that help companies interact better with past, present and future customers.

More generally, CRM can refer to those interactions themselves and any other supporting technologies, but most often it is used specifically to talk about the software used.

At hebs Group we believe strongly in using the latest technology to deliver services better, whether that’s hardware and equipment, or software that underpins service delivery.

Good CRM platforms can help businesses to coordinate activities, prioritise clients whose needs are greatest, and deliver better results across the board.

Roofing projects are no exception, as CRMs can help to manage the delivery of projects on time, on budget, and with the best outcomes for clients.


How does CRM help roofing projects?

The benefits of CRM software are a naturally good fit for roofing projects. You can store all your active and upcoming projects in one place for a better overview of what’s coming up.

You can prioritise projects with the tightest deadlines, or those with other priorities – such as where a roof is leaking badly and needs to be repaired as an emergency.

CRM ensures smaller customers don’t feel neglected just because they don’t shout as loud as bigger brand-name clients.

At the same time, you can gain better visibility of the largest projects, managing issues like project planning, ordering materials, and carrying out multiple phases of work (e.g., roof fabric, roof-edge drainage and so on) in a logical progression.

The list goes on and on – regardless of the size of the project, its financial value or its delivery schedule, roofing CRMs help to deliver it to the highest of standards.


CRM benefits for repeat roofing customers

The ‘R’ in CRM is important. Roofing CRM software doesn’t just allow companies to interact better with customers on a single project, it can also support better client relationships over the long term.

And this is where CRM really comes into its own, by charting the progression of customers over multiple projects, and allowing roofing contractors to focus on delivering better and better results.

So roofing CRM is multi-dimensional:

  • Raise standards on individual roofing projects at any one time
  • Extend these improvements across all current customers
  • Continue to improve service delivery for clients over time


To find out more about how hebs Group provide the best service levels to all our customers, and how CRMs for roofing projects help contractors to meet the highest standards, contact us today on 0151 2360707.

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