How thermally driven air conditioning works

Thermally driven air conditioning is an alternative to conventional HVAC systems which makes use of solar energy as a way to drive the cooling effect.

It reduces reliance on energy from the mains grid as the primary method of powering the system, which in turn makes it a good candidate in remote locations.

But it’s also finding favour in areas where mains power is easily accessible, but you’d like to reduce your spending on energy or cut your carbon footprint.

While the technology has been around for years already, ongoing research has improved the processes to a point where it is now a highly cost-efficient way to tackle energy consumption, carbon emissions and potentially to help combat climate change in business.


How thermally driven cooling works

Thermally driven air conditioning is sometimes referred to as liquid desiccant evaporative cooling, or just thermally driven cooling.

In hot and humid areas, it brings dual benefits, as the process not only cools the air, but also dehumidifies it.

This is achieved using a liquid desiccant to draw moisture out of the air, which is then evaporated to get rid of excess heat.

If you’ve ever used a portable air conditioner or a cheap domestic air conditioner, you’ve probably used a basic version of the same principle, by filling a tank with water or ice which is evaporated to lower the ambient air temperature.


Benefits of thermally driven air conditioning

To summarise the benefits of thermally driven air conditioning we’ve already mentioned above:

  • Can be used in remote locations or to reduce reliance on mains power
  • Reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint
  • Lowers ambient humidity as well as air temperature

Combining these qualities, you can see that thermally driven cooling is not only good for the comfort of the people inside your premises, but can be good news for your business and the environment too.

This is why, especially at a time when more organisations are doing what they can to prevent climate change, thermally driven AC is seeing growing awareness and interest from businesses of all sizes.


Find out more

If you’d like to know more about thermally driven cooling and AC, please contact hebs Group by calling our team on 0151 2360707 and we will be happy to discuss the technology with you.

We can give you an honest assessment of whether solar driven air conditioning suits you, or make recommendations of other more appropriate methods of HVAC for your premises if needed.

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