How to design a sustainable office fit out

Are you looking to make your office sustainable and eco-friendly? Trying to reduce the carbon footprint of your business without impacting on functionality and style?  

Here we look at the best ways to design a sustainable office fit out that works for both you and the environment.

Assess Your Current Office

Before you can begin creating an eco-office, it’s important to know what you’re starting with.  Look at everything in your current office – from the desks, chairs, carpets, lighting, waste bins, recycling facilities right through to heating systems or air conditioning units.  

If you have any electrical equipment that runs throughout the night it’s necessary to get it assessed by an energy assessor. By doing so, you can begin to understand where more sustainable practices need to be incorporated. 

Office lighting 

It’s worth taking some time when considering how to design a sustainable office fit out that reduces energy consumption with lighting.  

When planning the lighting system in a sustainable office fit out, consider not just the quantity of light needed, but also its quality. Natural daylight ensures we don’t need to turn on artificial lights during the day, and studies show that it has a positive effect on productivity and mood.

Other ways of regulating lighting are through dimming controls and motion detection systems which can be set to monitor the use of lighting in the building at different times of the day. 

Eco-Friendly Flooring 

Flooring is one of the biggest factors to take into consideration when it comes to designing a sustainable office first out. Eco-friendly flooring falls under mainly two categories – reclaimed flooring and flooring made of sustainable materials, such as wood, cork, and 100% recycled plastic. 

Carpet is also a popular choice for flooring in office environments as it’s hard-wearing and durable. Most businesses install carpet tiles to replace one section of flooring instead of the whole area which makes it more cost-effective, with minimal disruption. 

The Desk Environment

Your desk environment is central to your employees’ wellbeing. You may not even realise how much damage your current desk is doing to your health, until you make the switch to an ergonomically-friendly desk.

When considering how to design a sustainable office fit out, go for adjustable height desks. They allow you to work at eye level which will stop you hunching your shoulders, and straining your neck and back. Invest in some office lighting at knee level too to ensure it’s easy to read documents on your computer screen without having to lean forward. 

A Healthy Office

Employee health is an essential part of how to design a sustainable office fit out and often, it’s overlooked in the workplace.  If you’re not sure where to start on an office that promotes healthy employees and high productivity levels – there are some simple ways to get started: 

  • Clean air quality
  • Ergonomic furniture 
  • Easy access to fresh organic food 
  • Bicycle racks for those who wish to cycle into work to encourage improved fitness levels and improved blood flow too 
  • Central recycling bins around the office for waste and re-use

Finishing Touches

When designing a sustainable office fit out there are often small details overlooked which can have a big impact on the overall eco-friendliness of your new office. 

Before signing off on your project or allowing any furniture or appliances into your business it’s vital to consider exactly what hazardous chemicals they may be emitting. Chemicals found in PVC plastic for example have been linked to respiratory diseases and cancer, so ensure that this is not used when designing a sustainable office fit out. 

In recent times, more and more office furniture manufacturers have been working hard to meet greener standards which is great news for the environment!

Hire a professional office fit out contractor

If you’re looking for an experienced commercial fit out company who can provide you with all the advice you need when considering how to design a sustainable office fit out – contact hebs today on 0151 2360707. 

Our highly trained and experienced staff are capable of delivering complex and challenging commercial refurbishment or fit-out to suit any business. We work closely with you in order to make sure the new office space is a healthy and dynamic working environment. 

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