How trenchless technology is transforming UK maintenance services

A wide range of UK maintenance services and new infrastructure installations, from water pipes and drainage to high-speed fibre optic networks and connecting green energy farms to the grid, are benefiting from trenchless technology.

Matthew Izzard, chairman of the UK Society of Trenchless Technology, told the Polish publication Trenchless Engineering that Britain is seeing strong demand for trenchless technology as part of attempts to cut down on water leakage and to install more fibre optics and new utilities.

“We are also seeing drivers such as the environment and reduced public disruption in cities, as well as technological advances in the equipment and design making jobs that were not possible to use no-dig on in the past now becoming influencers,” he added.


The importance of using trenchless technology experts

Mr Izzard listed some of the priorities of using trenchless technology – including the twin desires for safe and competent trenchless technology installations.

“It is important that the operators using the equipment do so in a safe environment and have been suitably trained for the application they are using,” he explained.

Safety training and expertise is backed up by the right documents and permissions to work on the proposed job site – including any necessary permits, conditions of acceptability, and permission to close roads if required.

At hebs Group we have considerable expertise in no-dig installations and maintenance, as our hebs Trenchless Solutions team has been providing UK maintenance services using trenchless technology since this modern method was in its infancy.

We also make sure to keep pace with the introduction of new trenchless technologies like cured in place pipe, or CIPP, LED-activated patch repair systems and laser-guided auger boring tools that can allow us to replace broken and burst pipelines in place.


How to hire hebs Trenchless Solutions

Get in touch today to find out more about how hebs Trenchless Solutions can provide new installations and pipe maintenance services wherever you are in the UK.

The recently launched hebs Flowtech team provide a modern, high-tech and specialist focus on drainage maintenance in particular, with services ranging from gutter and drainpipe clearance, to roof surveys, to drain and sewer rehabilitation.

For drainage maintenance services in particular, or to enquire about using our trenchless technology on any planned and reactive maintenance or new installations, call hebs Group on 0151 236 0707 or email and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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