HVAC maintenance tips during summer

HVAC maintenance goes through several phases throughout the year. In winter, more of the pressure is on the heating, whereas in summer this shifts to the ventilation and air conditioning.

As we move into the warmest part of the year, here are some summer HVAC maintenance tips to keep your system in good working order.

  1. Clean the filters

Clogged filters can prevent air from circulating properly through the system, so make sure your filters are cleaned and clear of any dust or debris.

Over the course of the year – especially during the winter months when weather conditions are unsettled – all sorts of residue can get into your HVAC system.

Cleaning your filters should be one of the top summer HVAC maintenance tips on your to-do list, to get everything ready for the sunny season.

  1. Clean the vents

Filters affect air flow into the HVAC system, but clean vents are equally important for the air coming out.

Remove any dust from on and around your air vents, and you’ll not only benefit from better HVAC efficiency, but could also reduce the risk of seasonal allergies in your premises too.

  1. Clean the condenser

Don’t neglect your air conditioning condenser unit, which is usually located out of sight at the rear of your premises, on an exterior wall.

It’s important to exhaust hot air to the outside, but it’s easy to forget about the outdoor parts of your HVAC system.

If you’re not sure how to maintain these, or you’d just like to save yourself the trouble, call in the experts who can take care of it in a couple of hours, so your HVAC system is completely clean and running at maximum efficiency.

  1. Adjust the thermostat

Make sure your thermostat is set to the correct level, especially in workplaces where multiple people have easy access to adjust it.

In summer there can be a temptation to set the thermostat to an extreme, in order to keep the air conditioning running constantly.

However, it’s much more efficient to adjust the setting to a sensible value, and then use natural ventilation to get fresh air into the building without spending unnecessarily on electricity.

  1. Check the power supply

This is one that’s best left to the professionals, but it’s important to get your HVAC power supply and electrical wiring checked regularly.

Large commercial HVAC systems use a lot of power, and that flow of current can eventually lead to burnt out connections or loose wiring from electromagnetic movement.

Get your HVAC appliances examined regularly for electrical safety, and also make sure you get the mains wiring in your walls inspected for any degraded wires and connections, so you can rely on your air conditioning to get you through the summer without failing.


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