Improving facilities management and workplace safety with thermal technology

Thermal imaging technology has come to the fore in 2020 as a means to rapidly test individuals for elevated body temperature before allowing them to enter a public space, ranging from restaurants and theme parks in the UK, to political rallies in the USA.

But thermal technology is not new, and it has plenty of other roles to play in enhancing workplace safety and improving facilities management, even during times when there is not a pandemic illness that has fever as a defining symptom.

As we move beyond 2020, thermal technology will continue to provide benefits for those organisations who invest in it – in this article we’ll look at how thermal imaging can help you too.

Why use thermal imaging for security?

First of all, thermal imaging offers a useful alternative to conventional video surveillance at any time of day or night, in varying light levels and other environmental challenges. Thermal cameras can ‘see through’ some obstacles, making it more difficult for intruders to hide.

Thermal cameras offer high contrast, and by design are a method to detect warm-blooded human trespassers against a cold inanimate backdrop. They can be coupled with other technologies, such as motion sensors, to further enhance this capability.

Why use thermal technology for safety?

Just as thermal cameras can spot human intruders, they also offer advantages for protecting the safety of authorised individuals. Again, by detecting body heat, they naturally highlight the presence of people in potentially hazardous or unauthorised areas.

If the operator needs to be able to identify individuals remotely, a visual camera can also be installed, along with such floodlighting as may be necessary to light the area at night for visual identification. By combining the different methods, you can ensure comprehensive coverage for all purposes of safety and security, no matter what time of day it is.

Ask us about thermal technology for safety and FM

If you would like to know more about how thermal technology can enhance your site safety and facilities management, contact hebs Group today by calling 0151 2360707 and we can discuss the different options, from thermal field surveillance to high-contrast close-up thermal cameras.

At present, many enquiries relate to COVID-19 and detecting fever in individuals; however, as we move into 2021, we expect to see more general interest in thermal imaging as a useful technology for the long-term future.

Whatever the driving force behind your interest, we can make sure to put in place a thermal technology solution that will serve your needs in the immediate future, while also offering substantial benefits in the years ahead.

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