hebs Flowtech keep NWAS ambulance stations draining freely

hebs Flowtech have restored free-flowing drainage to several more ambulance stations operated by the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS).

As NHS Framework Contractors, hebs Flowtech are on call when NWAS have problems with drainage at their ambulance stations.

In recent weeks, the Flowtech team were called out to Broughton, Northwich and Wallasey following blocked gutters and drains at each.

We were able to use a range of different methods to clear blocked drains at each facility:

  • In Broughton, we used a remote gutter vacuum to clear blocked gutters.


  • In Northwich, we used a plow jet to clear blocked rain grids.

  • In Wallasey, we used drain rods to clear blocked external gulleys. We followed this by jetting the line and rinsing it through.

Each site posed its own unique challenges, from clearing gutters at high-level, removing debris from rain grids, to clearing an external underground gulley.

By using the most appropriate method for each job, hebs Flowtech can provide the best results to get wastewater draining quickly and into the correct places.

We also make sure to put in the extra work required to clean out the drain so that it is not only unblocked, but left looking as good as new.

Emergency service from hebs Flowtech

At a time when ambulance services and the NHS are needed more than ever, hebs Flowtech are proud to provide reactive repairs to clear blocked drains and allow premises to be used as intended.

Our dedicated teams have cutting-edge equipment including high-pressure jetting rigs and Proteus pan & tilt inspection units, allowing us to see and solve the problem in quick time.

We can inspect and clear blockages, descale and maintain pipework, and provide general responsive maintenance services across pipes, drains and sewers as required.

In every case we work diligently to decide the best way to proceed without delay and to carry out the work to restore drains to as-new condition, without causing any unnecessary disruption to access and operations.

At critical facilities like ambulance stations, it’s crucial that utilities like wastewater and sewerage are in good working order, and we are proud to be authorised NHS Framework Contractors to carry out this important work for NWAS.

To find out more, contact hebs Flowtech at info@hebs-group.co.uk or call 0151 236 0707 and we will be happy to discuss our full range of services to maintain and repair pipelines and sewers, and to unblock and clean all kinds of gutters, gulleys and drains.

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