Keeping your office space fresh for Christmas

As we move through Christmas and New Year into the true winter months, it’s the time of year when a tired old office space really starts to show the cracks – sometimes literally.

But well-kept premises can keep employees comfortable and productive when the weather is raging outside.

Here are five hebs Group services that can help keep office space fresh this Christmas and well into next year and beyond.

Commercial Fit-Out

Newly built premises can benefit from hebs Group’s expertise in commercial fit-out projects, to create an office interior conducive to work and fit for all seasons.

Your initial fit-out is a significant investment and one you will want to last for as long as possible, whether your exterior is newly constructed or an existing building that has been converted.

We can help to make best use of the space available and complete your commercial fit-out on time so there are no delays to your business moving into its new home.


If you have existing premises but they feel tired, stale or cold and draughty, hebs Group can help with our refurbishment service.

We offer the full range of expertise required to bring your office interiors up to standard and can advise on installing building controls to make more efficient use of energy too.

Building Fabric

The exterior fabric of your building is as important as the interior, and perhaps even more so.

If you’re investing on interior refurbishment, make sure you get the exterior building fabric of your offices brought up to date.

As well as sealing any draughts and insulating against costly energy leaks, this can give your building a fresh new look, enhancing its kerb appeal to prospective clients and talented job applicants.


Don’t fall victim to a weak or leaky roof that collapses under the weight of winter snowfall or lets in torrential rain.

Roof problems can cascade quite literally down through the building, causing expensive repairs at every level.

At hebs Group we have a proven track record installing secondary roofs such as cut to fall overlays, giving you a reliable roof with minimal disruption.


Don’t ignore your air conditioning just because it’s winter. Office air conditioning systems handle much more than just cooling the air in summer.

A well-maintained HVAC system filters and circulates clean air, preventing offices from feeling stale and stuffy.

This fresh feeling comes with cost benefits too, as circulated warm air from air conditioning systems is a highly efficient way to warm up a cold open-plan office space.



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