Maintain your commercial HVAC system for summer

The recent hot weather has made it even more important that you put your commercial HVAC system through its annual summer check-up.

With a few simple steps, you can keep your commercial air conditioning maintenance under control and avoid a costly – and uncomfortable – breakdown on a hot summer day.

Here are five ways to keep commercial HVAC systems running efficiently through the summer, and reduce the risk of a breakdown.


1. Clean vents and ducts

It’s important not to neglect your ducts, as well as the air vents on your HVAC systems themselves as this is how cool air is delivered around your premises.

Clean, dry ducts reduce the risk of airborne pathogens like Legionella, so should be a part of your regular cleaning schedule for health and safety reasons.

You can also reduce dust and other particles like pollen, which can help to prevent allergies from flaring up among your employees.


2. Clean filters

Air conditioning filters get clogged with dust over time, affecting the efficiency of air flow, preventing cold air from being released, and triggering allergies in the room.

Cleaning your HVAC filters should again be a regular part of your planned maintenance, but double checking them during the summer months, relieves the strain on your air conditioning compressors.


3. Condenser maintenance

If you have a permanent ducted HVAC system, it’s likely you have a condenser unit somewhere on your exterior wall.

Routine maintenance can keep this crucial piece of equipment running well, so that the heat removed from your interior can be released outside efficiently.


4. Check capacity

A commercial HVAC system is designed to work in a room of a certain size, which is why the operating manual often advises you to keep doors and windows closed when your air conditioning is turned on.

But commercial premises can be reconfigured quite easily, by taking down a partition wall or putting up new cubicle dividers.

If you’ve made any changes over the past 12 months – especially new physical divisions and barriers as part of COVID-secure precautions – check if your HVAC systems can cope with your new floor plan.


5. Adjust the settings

Last but not least, make sure the settings on your control panels are at a sensible position. It’s not sensible to try to cool a room to 5C when it’s 30C outside, and it puts unreasonable strain on your air conditioning compressors.

Set your target temperature at a sensible intermediate value and, once you hit that, then you can consider adjusting it further if you’re still too warm.

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