Maintain your drains for Spring

As we move towards the Spring months, it’s one of the most important times of the year to maintain your drains.

The Winter brings some of the worst weather conditions overall, but Spring can bring a sudden spike in rainfall, as the warmer air can hold more moisture.

Because of this, February is usually quite dry in colder years, while March often stands out as unusually wet compared to the surrounding months.

This is compounded by delays to building maintenance in the inclement Winter months – so if you’ve been thinking “I’ll wait until the weather improves” now is the time to get any blocked or slow-flowing drains cleared out.


What are the risks for blocked drains in Spring?

Springtime poses several different risks for blocked drains, including the heavier rainfall totals mentioned above, and delayed maintenance to unblock drains in Winter.

Some other threats to look out for include:

  • Any remaining blockages due to fallen leaves in the previous Autumn
  • Sludgy deposits left behind by Winter grit/salt or thawing snow/slush
  • Larger detritus dropped into drains and gutters on windy Winter days

You may simply not have noticed your drains are clogged, due to staying indoors in bad weather, or poor visibility on dark and foggy days.

With more hours of daylight to use in the Spring months, take the opportunity to give your drains a good inspection – or call out the hebs Flowtech team on 0151 2360707 to take care of it for you.


What if my drains are blocked?

A blocked drain can be a big problem in terms of flooding and damp masonry, but it’s a relatively easy issue to fix.

The hebs Flowtech team use cutting-edge technology to reach the drain or gutter, whether it’s at roof level or below ground, and remove any solid debris that’s blocking it.

Usually there will be some sludge clogging the pipe or gutter too, and we use high-powered jets to blast this away without damaging the drain itself.

We pride ourselves on a job well done, which is why in our case studies you’ll see all kinds of gleaming grates, grids and gutters, drains and downpipes, which we always aim to leave looking as good as new.


Don’t delay drain maintenance

Nobody knows when the next downpour is coming, so if you think you have a drainage problem, don’t delay in calling us out to take a look.

It’s likely to take just a few hours of drain maintenance to get things flowing freely again – compared with a potentially costly repair to masonry due to damp problems caused by overflowing rainwater.

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