No more blocked drains in Morecambe

Flowtech continue to keep ambulance stations in the north-west free from the scourge of blocked drains, which can cause problems for car park drainage as well as backed-up pipes inside premises.

By clearing obstructions and flushing through the pipes, Flowtech make drains as good as new, with free-flowing wastewater and no residues left behind.

That means less standing water in car parks on rainy days, no clogged and overflowing sinks, and no bad smells due to food scraps and other waste caught in the pipes.

Often, it’s a relatively easy job to unblock a drain or pipe, or clear a gutter, yet it can have a huge impact on the use of your premises, as well as issues like hygiene, health and safety.

We have a variety of different tools to reach awkward locations and clear blockages wherever they occur in the drain, and we follow up by cleaning the pipe or gutter of any surface grime so you get the maximum possible flow rate through it.

Jetting off to Morecambe

In a recent call-out, we attended Morecambe Ambulance Station, where a blocked drain was causing problems with getting rid of wastewater.

We soon found the obstruction and diagnosed the best way to deal with it – we always assess the situation first, before using the best tool for the job.

In this case, we used a high-pressure jet to clear the sludge that was blocking the drain, leaving it completely clear of obstruction.

Once we were confident the blockage had been blasted away, the Flowtech team flushed a brightly coloured dye through the drain from above, which allows us to double check that everything is flowing freely again.

Only after we complete the final checks are we satisfied that there are no remaining obstructions elsewhere in the drain, and we can call it job done.

Flowtech drainage and pipeline services

If you have a blocked or broken drain, Flowtech can help. We have high-tech equipment to inspect pipelines for clogs and collapses, and we can clear and rehabilitate pipes back to good working condition.

We can check high-level gutters, ground-level drains and manholes, and buried pipelines, with trenchless rehabilitation methods if we find a breakage in need of repair.

To find out more, contact the Flowtech team today by calling us on 0151 2360707 and we will be happy to discuss what you need, including a quick callout if a blocked drain is causing standing water, overflowing pipes or other forms of flooding.


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