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Office Fit Out Tips How to Create a Collaborative Workspace

Office Fit Out Tips: How to Create a Collaborative Workspace

The office environment today has evolved from a place where employees would slave away at their desks for eight hours. In contemporary workplaces, collaboration is key. 

A TravelPerk survey reveals that out of 1000 UK office workers, over 40% claim that their companies have shifted to a hybrid model since the global pandemic, with 43% stating that in-person collaboration boosts productivity and creativity. 

The British Council for Offices also released an early update in March for the “Guide to Specification”, recommending the adoption of 10m2 space-per-person to provide greater design flexibility to support hybrid working. 

Collaborative workspaces aren’t just trendy; they help improve employee performance while encouraging innovation and growth for a cohesive corporate culture. 

In this blog post, we will be discussing some office fit out tips and ideas on how to create a collaborative workspace that will inspire and motivate your team.

Assess Employee Needs

Before making any drastic changes, it’s crucial to consider the needs of individual employees. Assess the tasks they perform daily, as well as the type of work that requires collaboration. A crystal-clear understanding of these factors will help you identify areas that require modifications and, subsequently, maximise the utilisation of your workspace.

Ad-hoc & Informal Meeting Areas

A collaborative workspace should have informal meeting areas, which are open spaces where your team can gather spontaneously for a quick, casual discussion. Installing comfortable sofas and coffee tables can encourage colleagues to get together, discuss their ideas and brainstorm when necessary.

Private Pods

For individuals or small groups to work independently without distractions, private pods are small, dynamic enclosed areas ideal for tasks that require focus, concentration or to take important calls. From glass-fronted pods, to ones with integrated TV/AV accessories and sound absorbing panels, there’s a style to fit every office. 

Brainstorming Rooms 

One key trend in this process is the creation of designated rooms for creativity and brainstorming. These spaces are designed to inspire team members to think outside the box and come up with fresh ideas or solve problems that can help move the business forward. Whiteboards and modular furniture is often included for versatility, mobility, and aesthetic appeal. 

Open Social Spaces 

To build a collaborative workspace, aside from functional meeting rooms, integrating separate social spaces such as dining areas, communal lounges, and outdoor spots for lunch breaks and after-work activities is crucial. These designated spaces provide a much-needed break from desk work, encouraging relaxation and relationship-building among employees.

Technology & Ergonomic Furniture 

Modern-day tools and furniture aid in the creation of a comfortable and productive workspace. Whether it’s touch-screen monitors, integrated power outlets, electronic standing desks, or booking software, providing employees with the latest and greatest technologies emphasises your commitment to a modern workplace.

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