Outdoor grounds maintenance for residential properties

As the weather turns increasingly towards the cold and damp part of the year, outdoor grounds maintenance for residential properties should be higher on the agenda.

All too often, it’s easy to become distracted by maintaining residential buildings during periods of heavy weather – and while that’s essential, it does not mean you should neglect the grounds.

Winter brings all sorts of hazards, ranging from an increase in standing water, slip hazards due to snow and ice, and even visibility problems on foggy days and in heavy rain.

Keeping on top of outdoor grounds maintenance for residential properties is a way to mitigate those risks, helping to keep tenants safe, secure and comfortable as the weather turns colder.

Maintain safe conditions underfoot

You can’t prevent snowfall or stop ice from forming, but keeping paths and pavements in good condition can reduce hidden trip hazards when the path is buried under snow or fallen leaves.

A well-maintained footpath will drain better, reducing the amount of surface water, and will respond better to grit and salt as a way to prevent ice from forming on sub-zero days.

It’s important to keep drains running freely, as this is the time of year when leaves can block them, and stormy weather is more likely to lead to them becoming silted up or otherwise blocked.

At hebs Group we can take care of your paths, pavements, car parks and the drains, keeping them free from standing water, ensuring your tenants can come and go safely whether by foot or by car.

Overhanging branches and building fabric

Sometimes work on your building fabric has natural benefits for outdoor grounds maintenance, especially if parts of your exterior are damaged, hanging off or showing other signs of weakness.

You definitely don’t want a resident to be hit by a length of falling gutter or drainpipe, or a piece of exterior wall cladding.

Likewise, it’s a good time of year to get your trees checked for weak or rotten branches, and have them removed before any strong winds come along to blow them on to pedestrians or parked vehicles.

hebs Group are committed to helping you keep all your residents safe and secure in the coming months, as well as protecting your property against avoidable weather damage. Get in touch by calling 0151 236 0707 or send us an email at info@hebs-group.co.uk and a member of our team will be happy to help with your enquiry.

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