Preparing your building for a spring clean

With more people spending more of their work and leisure time at home, investment in residential building maintenance can reap dividends in attracting tenants, especially if you’re in an area where home-moving activity has fallen.

The changing nature of how we all live, work and socialise has led many people to put more emphasis on finding a comfortable and well-maintained home, even if they have to pay more to get it.

Here are some suggestions of ways to raise rents by giving residential buildings a competitive edge in the current climate and for the long-term future too.

1. Landscaping

Never forget the importance of kerb appeal. Landscaped exteriors don’t need a huge amount of maintenance, but can help to make large residential buildings feel more homely.

This is especially true if you provide communal gardens, as more tenants are likely to be seeking properties with private outdoor areas, even if those areas are shared.

2. Car park drainage

Car park maintenance shouldn’t be neglected either, and a car park drainage problem is often easily fixed – one area in which hebs Group are proud to be experts.

We can clear out clogs and debris, clean surface dirt to restore drains to as-new condition, and rehabilitate pipes if they have cracked or collapsed, so there’s no more standing water in your car park when it rains.

3. Building fabric

Building exterior maintenance isn’t just about visual appeal. Our building fabric services make sure the exteriors of your residential premises are in good working order and structurally sound.

This covers the whole range from exterior surfaces like walls and windows, to roof maintenance and fixtures like gutters and drainpipes.

4. Communal interiors

Most residential buildings with multiple occupants have some communal interiors, ranging from hallways and stairwells to mail rooms, shared kitchens and laundry facilities.

Whatever you provide to your residents, make sure it is well appointed and well maintained, as it’s more important than ever to justify any monthly service charges you ask your tenants to pay.

5. Residential interior fitout

Finally, once your tenants are past the exteriors and communal spaces, it is the interior of their home that has the biggest impact on their day-to-day comfort.

Kerb appeal will win them over, but home comforts keep them in place once their initial tenancy expires.

So put the right focus on residential interior fitout, with the help of hebs Group’s team of experts to give your tenants every reason to renew for a further 12 months or transition to a rolling contract.


If you require any residential building maintenance services, contact hebs Flowtech at or call 0151 236 0707.

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