Signs of a collapsed drain

If you have an issue with your drainage system, it can cause a lot of disruption to a building’s foundations and interiors which may become a hazard to human health as a result. 

A collapsed drain is arguably one of the more severe cases, whereby the underground pipes have undergone so much pressure and wear and tear over time, that they have started to fall apart or cave in. 

This requires immediate action once the matter is identified, and it’s important to know the common signs of a collapsed drain to help minimise damage and the cost of fixing them. 

The causes of a collapsed drain 

There are many causes of a collapsed drain, including:

  • Ground movement – Pressure from the ground above an area of pipework can crush and collapse drains 
  • Tree roots – A natural occurrence where tree roots grow in the location of your drainage system and invade the pipes 
  • Poor maintenance – If your drainage or sewer system has been neglected and left to disintegrate then they’ll fail to flow general waste and water properly. 

One of the main reasons behind a collapsed drain is being blissfully unaware of the problem in the first place. You won’t know for sure, unless regular maintenance and checks are carried out by professional drainage contractors like hebs Flowtech on an annual or quarterly basis. 

So, here are some of the warning signs of a collapsed drain to look out for. 

Strong sewage smell

Although you may not be able to see your drainage system, you will definitely smell the foul odour emanating from the ground, in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, or the drains around the exterior of your property. 

This could be a sign of backed-up waste water or leaking sewage, so it’s worthwhile getting a drainage survey to conduct a thorough inspection before the issue gets worse. 


Furthermore, if a drain has collapsed, then the flow of water will be heavily affected. 

Damp patches and mould can be found on the walls or flooring, creating an unhealthy environment for people and possibly cause life-threatening infections and respiratory conditions.

Structural damage 

In extreme circumstances, a collapsed drain can damage the structure of your commercial or domestic building. Cracks in the walls are caused by constant water seeping into the foundations and undermining its structural integrity.

Not only will the drainage need to be fixed but the building itself, which can become very costly in the long-run which is why contacting a drainage company to assess the situation is the best call to action. 

Slow drainage

Finally, slow running drains can be a major indicator of a collapsed drain, and more than often a blockage of some kind is involved. But if the issue persists and water is still taking its time to drain, the pipes could have collapsed. 

Get in touch 

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