Signs that your guttering system needs repairs

Well-maintained guttering is essential to effective drainage from roofs, so it’s important to get any damage or wear and tear fixed as soon as you notice it.

Doing so will not only help to keep wastewater draining properly from your property, but will also reduce maintenance costs in the long run by tackling problems before they worsen.

At hebs Group we have years of experience dealing with all kinds of drainage problems, from leaky roofs to flooded car parks, and many of them stem from faulty guttering.

Here are five major signs that your guttering system needs repairs – any one of these deserves further investigation, but if you have several at once, it’s a good idea to get your gutters cleaned and repaired as soon as you can.

1. Overflowing gutters

Blocked gutters can lead to overflowing water when it rains heavily, as the rain cannot flow along the gutter to the drainpipe.

If you notice overflowing gutters when it rains, they might just need clearing out. It’s totally normal for debris like leaves, twigs and moss to accumulate over time.

2. Sagging gutters

Unless your gutters are very high up, it should be possible to spot from ground level if they are sagging, especially in a spot that overflows during rain.

There are a few reasons why gutters can sag, from broken supports to incorrect lengths of guttering used during initial installation.

3. No downpipe outflow

If the bottom end of your downpipe is visible, check if water flows out of it during rainfall. If it’s not visible, you might be able to hear the water flowing or lift a nearby drain cover and peek in.

No downpipe outflow can mean a blockage in the drainpipe, but often means – you guessed it – blocked or damaged gutters.

4. Roof leaks and damp walls

If your roof appears to be leaking or you notice damp walls, especially along an exterior wall with guttering, it could be that excess rainwater is overflowing the guttering and penetrating the wall or roof.

Get your guttering checked first, as it’s quick, easy and affordable to clear most ordinary blockages and can fix an apparent damp problem or ‘leak’ in a matter of minutes.

5. Standing water

Water flows down, so if you have a flooded car park or standing water at ground level, it’s worth looking up to diagnose the problem.

Drainage problems including damaged guttering and blocked drainpipes can all prevent rainwater from reaching the sewers – leading to flooding that appears to start from the ground up.


If in doubt, call hebs Group on 0151 236 0707. We’re always happy to diagnose a drainage problem, whether it’s a faulty guttering system, broken drainpipe or blocked sewer drain, and we have the tools and expertise to fix them all.


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