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Six signs your hotel needs a renovation

Six signs your hotel needs a renovation

As a hotel owner, you want your guests to have the best experience when they stay. It’s important that your hotel stays up-to-date with the latest design trends and regular maintenance to keep customers satisfied. 

However, over time, wear and tear can take its toll on any building. Read on to learn six signs that your hotel needs a renovation. 

Creaky or loose flooring

If you hear creaks and squeaks when walking across the floor, it’s a sign of poor construction or age-related damage. This could be caused by changes in temperature that result in wood expanding or contracting over time. 

Loose floorboards may also lead to injury and compromise the overall safety and stability of your hotel. Make sure to inspect the flooring for warping, splintering, cracking or buckling and repair any loose sections as soon as possible. 


One of the most obvious signs your hotel needs a renovation is mould. This is not only unsightly; it can also be hazardous to guests’ health and shouldn’t be ignored. Mould thrives in damp conditions and releases airborne toxins into the air, causing respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies if inhaled. 

Inspect all areas of the hotel and look out for musty smells which could indicate mould growth behind walls or under carpets. Contact an experienced remediation specialist who can safely remove it from your hotel. A skilled renovation team will also come up with solutions to prevent it from happening again after remodelling is done.

Poor plumbing 

Another telltale sign that your hotel may benefit from a renovation is issues such as slow drainage, clogged toilets, leaking pipes, etc., on an ongoing basis. Poor plumbing can create serious sanitation risks within your property and should be addressed right away before they get worse. 

A quality drainage maintenance contractor will be able to inspect all fixtures within your facility and ensure they are working properly prior to completing renovations, so they don’t need frequent repairs down the line. 

Dingy Smells

Dingy smells are are never good for business. They are usually the result of mould or mildew growth, dirty carpet and fabrics or poor ventilation systems – giving off an unpleasant odour over time. 

Avoid giving guests the wrong impression of your hotel and invest in new carpets if they are stained, dirty or damaged, as well as upgrading to modern HVAC units for healthier and fresher air. 

Outdated furniture 

Old furniture can make modern travellers feel like they’re stuck in a timewarp and any damaged fixtures are a clear safety hazard too. Hebs Group Ltd are capable of delivering a wide range of hospitality fit-out services that can spruce up and elevate your hotel to the next level! 

From flooring, walls and IT installations down to bespoke furniture and fixtures for guest rooms, lobbies, dining areas or gyms – improving both aesthetics and functionality all at once. 

Faulty lighting 

Dim lighting can make rooms look dull and dingy; no one wants their guests feeling like they have stepped into an old dungeon! Make sure all light fixtures are working properly by checking them regularly for flickering bulbs and electrical issues such as short circuits or blown fuses. 

If necessary, upgrade older light fixtures with newer models that provide brighter illumination and improved energy efficiency (think LED lights!)

Expert hotel renovations  

So, if you notice any of the following signs, contact Hebs Group on 0151 2360707 for more information. Our team of dedicated hotel fit out contractors have the skills and experience to give your hospitality premises a much-needed boost. 

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