The benefits of commercial pressure washing

Commercial pressure washing has become an increasingly popular commercial building maintenance technique in recent years.

A commercial pressure washer is a powerful and versatile tool that can be used to clean surfaces in factories, warehouses and other industrial settings by removing dirt, paint and rust from building equipment and exterior surfaces such as brick walls, steel structures and commercial vehicles. 

However all commercial pressure cleaners are not the same. There are various commercial grade power washers on the market. On average, commercial grade power washers provide water at 2,500 to 4,000 psi (pounds per square inch) with nozzles that can be adjusted to create different spray patterns for specific applications.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the benefits of commercial pressure washing so you can keep your commercial property well maintained and clean all year round. 


1.) Kerb appeal 

Advertising is expensive; however, commercial pressure washing is an affordable way to get your business on the map. 

Your building’s exterior will be like new after a thorough wash and any dirt or grime buildup will be removed quickly and easily with commercial-grade equipment – making it easier to stand out in a sea of competitors. Plus, if customers notice how clean your establishment is before they even walk inside, they’ll feel more inclined to check it out which creates a positive image for your business. 


2.) Saves you time and money 

If you have commercial pressure washing equipment at your disposal, maintenance can become a breeze because you’ll spend less time scrubbing to get stubborn dirt off – making it easier to tackle commercial pressure washing in a timely manner. 

Likewise, commercial power washers are more powerful than traditional garden hose attachments, reducing the need for harsh chemicals and sparing your hands from days of stains and odors.


3.) A healthier environment for employees and customers

Creating a safe work environment can be difficult when there is dust or mold around that irritates eyes, throats, noses – and even skin. 

One of the main benefits of commercial pressure washing for commercial facilities is to remove these harmful irritants that can make employees sick or adversely affect their attention span, which results in less productivity.


4.) Free flowing drains

Using the commercial pressures cleaner helps with drainage projects too. These work by unblocking and descaling any surface, pipeline, or sewer system, including root cutting and concrete demolition. 

Using a commercial grade high pressure water jetting unit can allow even stubborn debris to be taken out while still making sure that nothing gets damaged in the process.


So it’s easy to see why many businesses invest in professional commercial maintenance companies like hebs Group to keep their premises in good condition. If you’re in need of our commercial cleaning services call us now on 0151 2360707 for more information. 


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