The benefits of commercial sewer and drainage maintenance

If you own a commercial building, you will want to ensure that your sewer and drain pipes are maintained to prevent any serious issues that could affect business operations. 

Places that work within the food, retail, or healthcare industry need to have a reliable drainage system, especially if it concerns public welfare and safety. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the many benefits of commercial sewer and drainage maintenance and why it is important to keep your pipes flowing as smoothly as possible. 

Preventing blockages

An excess of grease, organic waste, oils and other miscellaneous objects can lead to drain blockages, particularly in the pipework of bathrooms and kitchens on your commercial premises. 

If pipes become clogged, this hinders the flow of wastewater to the disposal site which causes further hindrances to the use of toilets or sinks, with a foul smelling odour emitting from the blocked drains as a result. 

You’ll want to address the issue immediately, and frequent commercial sewer and drainage maintenance guarantees that your property’s pipes remain clear and free even during peak times. 

Avoid pipe issues 

Owners of commercial buildings are responsible for the maintenance of their drains and plumbing fixtures, which must be checked and cleaned on a regular basis. Over time, the pressure from a buildup of minerals or waste puts stress on the pipes, leading to breakages and leaks. 

If a pipe bursts or leaks, especially into another site or nearby building, you could be facing a hefty fine for property damage, or in the worst case scenario, closure from the local health department until the issue has been dealt with. 

Protection against biohazards 

Furthermore, commercial sewer and drainage maintenance helps protect your employees and customers from getting severely sick from exposure to biohazards. 

Blocked or damaged drain pipes can cause widespread flooding, plumbing problems, and allow septic water to enter your building, making it unsafe for people to work, dine, or shop. 

Here at hebs, our dedicated reactive teams are equipped with the latest high pressure water jetting rigs to clean, unblock and descale any pipeline or sewer system in case of a drainage emergency on your commercial premises. 

Reducing expenses

This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of routine commercial sewer and drainage maintenance as it can save time and money on repairs, sanitising contaminated areas, and possibly on new flooring or carpet. 

Adopting a quarterly or annual maintenance regime will help to eliminate these costs and protect your business from any stubborn blockages in the long-term. 

For more information about our commercial maintenance services, contact hebs at or call us on 0151 236 0707 where we aim to keep your sewer or drainage system fully functional all year round.

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