The benefits of hebs Group’s modular building fit-outs

Back at the start of 2019 we tipped modular construction as one of the modern methods of construction (MMC) we believed would gain traction over the course of the year.

Nearly two years later, hebs Group supply modular buildings and containers with bespoke fit-outs that deliver many benefits to our clients.

Modular building has been an area of focus for the UK government since at least 2017, when the Housing White Paper identified it as an “exciting and effective area” for British companies to take a global leadership role.

And as we move through the new decade, the benefits of modular building remain persuasive as an MMC for the 2020s and beyond.

Why choose modular construction?

Modular construction involves manufacturing and building individual rooms or multi-room modules off-site, and then delivering them to their permanent position.

This can speed up construction significantly, allowing many modules to be manufactured at once, including all the floors of a multi-storey building such as apartments, office blocks and hotels.

Rooms within each module can be fully fitted out and decorated – even down to the carpets and curtains – so once they are dropped into place, there is the bare minimum of work left to do.

Where is modular construction used?

Modular building methods are used across the full range of properties, from residential to commercial, and from the hospitality sector to offices and mixed-use developments.

Because the benefits are built into the very fabric of the building itself, any large development stands to gain from a modular approach – this is not a sector-specific method of construction by any means.

Modules can create self-contained living spaces complete with en-suite facilities for hotels, student accommodation and other residential blocks, or working spaces such as private offices and meeting rooms.

Find out more

Whether you are in the initial planning stage or you have a clear idea and are ready to proceed with the building phase, hebs Group are here to provide essential consultancy and construction services for modular premises and across the full range of traditional techniques too.

By nature, modular building lends itself to larger construction projects, and no job is too big for hebs Group – we have the experience and expertise, as well as the equipment, to deliver modular premises at scale, fully fitted out and ready to occupy.

To find out more about modular construction and how hebs Group can help you with the construction and fit-out of modular buildings, contact us today on 0151 2360707.


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