The different types of cladding for buildings

Exterior cladding for buildings takes many forms and technically includes roofing products as well as cladding for exterior walls.

The UK’s National Building Specification, now known simply as the NBS, lists nearly 30 different types of building cladding, including roof tiling, slating, shingle and thatch.

Of these, 18 apply in a brief form to minor works, while all 27 apply in an abridged form to intermediate works.

What are the NBS cladding categories?

The full list of NBS cladding categories for walls and roofs includes:

  • H10: Patent Glazing
  • H11: Curtain Walls
  • H13: Structural Glass
  • H14: Precast Concrete & Glass Lens/Paver Roof, Floor and Pavement Lights
  • H20: Rigid Sheet Cladding
  • H21: Timber Weatherboards
  • H22: Plastic Weatherboards
  • H30: Fibre Cement Profiled Sheet Cladding
  • H31: Metal Flat/Profiled Sheet Cladding
  • H32: Plastic Profiled Sheet Cladding
  • H41: Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Cladding
  • H42: Precast Concrete Cladding
  • H43: Metal Composite Cladding
  • H51: Natural Stone Slab Cladding
  • H60: Plain Roof Tiling
  • H61: Fibre Cement Slates
  • H62: Natural Slate
  • H64: Wood Shingle & Shake Roofing
  • H65: Single Lap Roof Tiles
  • H67: Metal Single Lap Tiles
  • H71: Lead Sheet Flashings & Coverings
  • H72: Aluminium Strip/Sheet Flashings & Coverings
  • H73: Copper Strip/Sheet Flashings & Coverings
  • H74: Zinc Strip/Sheet Flashings & Coverings
  • H75: Stainless Steel Strip/Sheet Flashings & Coverings
  • H90: Tensile Fabric Coverings
  • H91: Thatch Roofing

Waterproofing and surface finishes for buildings

There is a separate NBS category for waterproof cladding and roofing, including cement mortar tanking and damp-proofing, mastic asphalt, liquid-applied coatings, flexible sheet waterproofing, reinforced bitumen membranes and single-layer polymeric sheets.

In addition, there’s a category for surface finishes – such as ceramic tiling and mosaics, rendered coatings, and flooring including screeds, resin flooring, carpeting and so on.

Again, there is abridged guidance for intermediate works and an abbreviated list of subcategories for minor projects.

Cladding for new-builds and building fabric refurbishment

At hebs Group we install suitable cladding on new-build premises, taking into account everything from aesthetic considerations to safety and insulating performance.

We can also install appropriate exterior cladding and roofing during building fabric refurbishment projects, giving your property a new look while protecting it against exterior threats like weather conditions, heavy rain and avoidable energy leakage.

To find out more, contact hebs Group today to speak to a member of our team about any upcoming projects you might have planned, and how we can help by fitting the best cladding and roofing for the job as part of your exterior building fabric. Call us 0151 2360707 or email and we’ll be happy to help.

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