The importance of drain mapping

Before planning or undertaking any construction project, whether that be performing some kind of excavation, or new extension, it is vital to identify the drainage system in the surrounding area. 

As these run underground, it is difficult to know exactly where existing drains are positioned and in order to gain planning permission, as well as avoid costly mistakes, drain mapping is a key.

What is drain mapping? 

Drain mapping, or asset mapping, is the process of verifying the layout of drains and sewers beneath a property or area of land, including the location of existing foul water networks, manholes and gullies. 

By using cutting-edge GPS data and technologies such as Radio detection scanning and CCTV cameras, this allows us to gather useful information on the size, depth, and directional flow of pipes within the system to produce a detailed site map. 

The main features of a drain mapping survey include: 

  • A site map with a schematic diagram of the drainage system
  • A complete asset list detailing the location, size, manhole access points and use of each drain section
  • The connectivity of all site drainage 
  • A list of recommendations for remedial action to resolve any drainage problems 

Why is it important? 

Drain mapping is a key part of a drainage survey, especially for builders and architects who can use drain maps to visualise the entire network when planning for renovations, driveways or even roofing projects in case new gutters are required. 

Another reason is to safeguard against damage to pre-existing systems that may become more costly to repair down the line. Any cracks, leaks or root intrusions can be discovered and dealt with immediately, making repair work more efficient. Drain mapping is also important for flood risk management and pollution prevention. 

Plus, older properties may have an inaccurate chart of it’s drainage, therefore drainage mapping helps site managers and engineers make an informed decision on whether it needs an alteration or upgrade.

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