The importance of energy efficiency in facilities management for 2022

Facilities management experts and industry analysts predict that in 2022, there will be a growing trend toward energy efficiency. 

Arguably, the COVID-19 pandemic raised further awareness of our impact on the environment and the climate challenges we face on a global scale. Since February 2020, NASA researchers found that pandemic restrictions have reduced global nitrogen dioxide concentrations by nearly 20%

Naturally, many businesses and governments have called for economic recovery policies to take shape to create a greener post-pandemic future. 

The good news is that facilities managers can implement an effective framework of energy-efficient practices to help reduce their carbon footprint and curb resource depletion in the process. 

Some of the ways FM teams can improve energy efficiency in 2022 include: 


Natural lighting – commercial buildings are increasingly taking advantage of natural light through the use of skylights and by using exterior glazing to improve lighting conditions. 

This will not only improve energy efficiency, but worker satisfaction and productivity by influencing your natural circadian cycle, alongside reducing the amount of eye-strain and fatigue from artificial lighting. 


Living roofs – using green roofs in cities or other commercial environments will help insulate buildings against extreme temperatures while providing a habitat for wildlife. 

This kind of landscaping also helps to absorb excess water which reduces the burden on local sewer systems during storms. 


Manage power distribution – Power distribution optimization has become a popular facilities management practice in many businesses that want to reduce utility bills. 

Facility managers are able to monitor their electric usage throughout the day and identify when equipment such as HVAC and lighting may be causing large surges in power consumption – saving money by automatically turning off the building’s systems during unoccupied hours. 


Proactive maintenance – Finally, by investing in smart technology and data, facilities managers are able to better manage assets and equipment, as well as plan for future needs. 

This will prevent unplanned downtime, and avoid any major failures or faults with machinery and equipment that could affect operational efficiency. 


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