The season of leaves – prevent blocked drains this autumn

The blazing colours and silent snow-like rain of falling leaves make autumn many people’s favourite time of year, but if your premises suffer from easily blocked drains, this dreamlike season can quickly become a nightmare.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do ahead of time and during the weeks of peak leaf-fall to keep your drains flowing freely, and avoid a flooded car park or other outdoor grounds.

1. Keep drains clear

It might sound obvious, but if your drains are clear of debris going into autumn, they are more likely to make it through the season without becoming blocked.

That’s important, not only because it means you shouldn’t arrive one day to find your car park underwater, but also because it allows you to schedule planned maintenance to clear your drains when you want, instead of needing to make an emergency call-out.

Get professionals like hebs Flowtech team to remove any silt and other residue, so your drains are as good as new as we move into autumn and winter.

2. Check capacity

If your drains regularly become blocked, make sure they are big enough to handle all the surface run-off from your grounds, especially if you have a lot of hard paving or tarmac.

You might be able to improve drainage by getting gullies and drainage ditches installed, or by having a larger diameter pipe placed where the most water leaves your property.

The hebs Flowtech team can rejuvenate existing drainage pipes without excavation, using trenchless technology to fix collapsed pipes and even to bore through old pipes and install drains with a wider diameter.

3. Prune your trees

A little careful pruning can take off just enough branches to reduce the number of fallen leaves in parts of your premises where drainage is an annual issue.

You could consider planting evergreen trees in those areas, again so that there are fewer leaves falling on the floor in the autumn months.

4. Grates and covers

Make sure your drains are protected by suitable gratings, and ditches/gullies are covered too. This might not stop all the leaves from getting in, but it should reduce the risk of drains becoming clogged up so easily.

Remember, you only need to get through a few weeks of falling leaves, so solutions that take away some of the pressure on your drains can have a huge impact year after year.

5. Get sweeping!

Finally, make sure you clear fallen leaves to an area where they won’t threaten to block your drains.

Some quick groundskeeping with a rake, broad brush or leaf blower can move leaves to a safe location, or allow you to collect them up for recycling.

If you don’t fancy doing it yourself, call hebs to prevent blocked drains this autumn – we can offer leaf clearing as part of your outdoor grounds maintenance all year round, and especially in the peak period of autumn and winter. Contact us on 0151 2360707 to learn more about our maintenance services.

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