What is integrated facilities management (IFM)?

Integrated facilities management (IFM) is exactly as it sounds – bringing all your facilities management contracts under a single service.

IFM can combine hard facilities management, which includes elements of the building fabric, and soft FM like security, cleaning and waste management.

Bringing these different services together under a single contract gives you one point of call for customer service, better coordination between FM services, and consolidated costs to bring everything in under budget.

At hebs Group we provide IFM services to many of our clients, combining the expertise of all our engineers into a single contract that covers everything you need.

Examples of integrated facilities management

We’ve mentioned hard and soft facilities management above. To give more detail, IFM contracts can combine many different elements, including the following:

These are just some examples – in principle, integrated FM can include any and all of the services you need to keep your facilities running smoothly over the long term.

Benefits of integrated facilities management

Integrated facilities management (IFM) is a best-of-both-worlds solution for maintenance, repair and other services you don’t want to carry out in-house.

You gain several benefits from outsourcing facilities management to a single provider:

  • Expert support with services you don’t want to handle yourself.
  • Less admin compared with coordinating multiple service providers.
  • Lower overall cost of contract and easier to keep within budget.

The benefits of integrated facilities management (IFM) increase the more services you need – so if you have a modern workplace with all the technology and amenities that brings, you should consider arranging an integrated FM contract.

Planned and responsive facilities management

Just like individual FM contracts, IFM can incorporate planned maintenance and responsive repairs as required, again giving you a single phone number to call when you need help.

This gives you peace of mind that work – both planned and responsive – will be carried out to the same high standard at all times, meeting all your service-level agreements and other contractual expectations.

At hebs Group we are proud to work on long-term IFM contracts with many very happy clients who put their trust in us to keep their premises operating and to restore continuity quickly in the event of an emergency.

To find out more, contact us today by calling 0151 236 0707 and we can arrange an initial audit of the different types of facilities management you need.

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