What to know about AI-based maintenance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging trend across many areas of business and AI-based maintenance stands to become a valuable technology in the years to come.

Already, AI is enabling smarter maintenance and facilities management, especially by optimising scheduled maintenance and identifying a need for reactive and responsive repairs.

The true value of AI goes beyond simple automation, as machine learning allows systems to become more and more sophisticated over time, as well as becoming more attuned to the specific needs of your equipment and your estate.

As a result, AI-based maintenance can spot complex patterns and predict the ‘unpredictable’ failures that simple computer programs and human monitoring would miss.

This maximises uptime, as well as allowing maintenance resources to focus on the genuinely unavoidable outages to restore equipment to working order faster and with less cost involved.

How AI-based maintenance benefits from Big Data

Assets and equipment generate more data than ever before, much of it fed back to base automatically via the Internet of Things (IoT).

But manually monitoring the IoT across a large estate can represent a significant administrative burden for facilities management – which is where AI can help.

AI-based facilities management uses intelligent analytics and iterative learning to analyse Big Data returned via IoT devices over the cloud, and can highlight any emerging causes for concern before they can lead to a costly business interruption.

This enables benefits by keeping equipment working, but it’s not as simple as a binary ‘on/off’ state. Equipment can be flagged for attention if it is performing inefficiently, enabling a pre-emptive tune-up that cuts down on wasted energy and lost productivity.

Manual maintenance vs. automated interventions

AI-based maintenance can be both manual – using automatically generated status reports and failure forecasts to identify where human attention is required – and automated, for example by adjusting demands across multiple devices to balance the load.

This delivers ‘best of both’ benefits, by eliminating human intervention where it is not needed, and making best use of human capital in facilities management and maintenance when manual repair is essential.

At hebs Group our complete maintenance services include careful monitoring of mission-critical equipment and estate-wide facilities management.

This ensures we can take pre-emptive action against any emerging faults, providing manual maintenance and emergency repairs by skilled engineers where necessary, so that you can avoid business interruptions and maximise your productivity and profit over the long term.


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