What to know about trenchless pipe bursting

A burst pipe is usually not a good thing – but when we carry out trenchless pipe bursting, it’s exactly what our clients are hoping for.

That’s because trenchless pipe bursting is a way to rehabilitate old pipelines, replace them with completely new pipe, and even increase the diameter of the pipeline without having to dig it up.

So how does it work? It’s quite simple, and we have the technology required to ensure a good, clean result every time.

Bursting the old pipe

First, the old pipe needs to be burst. For this, a bursting head essentially drills along the length of the pipeline.

The narrow leading end of the bursting head automatically stays on course, guided by the existing pipeline itself, while the trailing edge is broader and breaks apart the old pipe.

It’s important to stay on course and to ensure the old pipe is thoroughly broken up, which is why we make sure to invest in the latest bursting technology for the job.

Laying the new pipe

The new pipeline is laid as part of the same process. As the bursting head pulverises the old pipe, the new line is simply laid into the cavity left behind.

By using a bursting head wider than the diameter of the original pipe, this cavity can be opened up to allow a new, wider pipeline to be inserted with no excavation required from the surface.

This is why the process is referred to as ‘trenchless’ – because there is no need to dig a channel or trench in order to lay the new pipe.

Benefits of trenchless pipe bursting

Trenchless pipe bursting has several benefits and can be used on a variety of different pipelines, such as water mains, gas supplies, drains and sewers.

It can rehabilitate old pipelines that have become too uneconomical to continually patch up and repair; replace old pipes with new ones that meet modern standards; and widen the diameter of old pipelines in the way described above.

By avoiding the need for surface excavation, trenchless pipe bursting allows work to be carried out faster, with less disruption and reduced cost.

It’s just one of several technologies for repairing pipelines that we use at hebs Trenchless Solutions. Others include UV LED cured-in-place patches, LED-cured pipe liners, directional drilling and laser-guided boring.


If you would like to know more, contact hebs Group today on 0151 2360707 and we will be happy to discuss our trenchless pipe bursting technology and other trenchless solutions with you.

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