Drainage & pipeline services

Hebs Flowtech

Hebs Flowtech is the specialised technical pipeline division of the Hebs Group Ltd. We spare no expense in investing in the latest and most reliable drainage maintenance and sewer repair equipment.

If you need fast and efficient solutions to your drainage, sewer or pipeline problems, we’ve got you covered. Our reactive maintenance teams boast cutting-edge proteus pan & tilt inspection units, including powerful high-pressure water jetting rigs to take on any task, big or small – from descaling and clearing to inspecting stubborn blockages.

At Hebs Group Ltd, we value the expertise of our maintenance teams and strive to provide them with a number of specialist emergency plumbers and the necessary resources to solve even the toughest pipeline issues using state of the art trenchless rehabilitation methods.

Sewer & pipeline inspections

From small diameter pipeline inspections to structural surveys of the local sewer network or product delivery pipelines, our state of the art automated CCTV inspection system will give you a first hand view of the condition of your above and below ground services

Cleaning & unblocking

Combining tried and tested methods with the latest innovations in jet nozzle technology, our high pressure water jetting unit can clean, unblock and descale any surface, pipeline or sewer system, including root cutting and concrete demolition

Pipeline rehabilitation & repairs

Our expert survey team will identify the issues within your pipeline network using the latest inspection and cleaning equipment, providing a number of repair solutions from traditional excavation methods to trenchless rehabilitation technology such as pipe bursting and CIPP lining

Primus Line

Primus Line® is revolutionary technology for pressure pipe trenchless rehabilitation and designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of industrial applications. This process is based on flexible high-pressure liner and connection technology developed specifically for this system.

Partner with an experienced team

Hebs Flowtech has the expertise and knowledge to install and repair all types of pipeline, drainage, and utility systems. From water mains to fuel lines, our solutions are tailored to fit your needs and budget.

Call one of our experts in drainage maintenance and sewer repairs for advice and help on any of the following services:

  • Drainage & Pipeline Unblocking
  • CCTV survey
  • Drainage mapping and inspection
  • Trenchless pipeline rehabilitation
  • Pipe bursting and laser guided auger boring
  • Specialist Kevlar pressure pipe lining with the unique Primus Line systems
  • Solution investigations using the latest mapping technology and tracing equipment for all pipeline material types including cast and steel