EV Charger Installation

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EV chargers, also known as electric vehicle chargers, are devices or stations designed to supply electricity to recharge the batteries of electric vehicles (EVs). They are similar to fuel pumps for traditional vehicles but provide electricity instead of petrol or diesel.

Hebs Group Ltd, a trusted supplier and installer of cost-efficient electric car charging points across Liverpool and the North-West.

Our dedicated team of electric vehicle installers ensure the supply and installation of domestic and workplace car charge points are met to the highest standards of excellence.

EV chargers come in various forms and charging speeds

The most common types include:

These chargers are typically installed at homes or businesses and are connected to the electrical grid. They can provide Level 1 or Level 2 charging, depending on their power output and the vehicle’s capabilities.

These chargers are located in public spaces, parking lots, shopping centers, or along roadways. They are designed to be accessible to the public and offer Level 2 or DC fast charging options. Public charging stations may require payment or a charging membership to use their services.

These stations are primarily intended for long-distance travel or when a quick charge is needed. They provide DC fast charging, which delivers high-voltage DC power directly to the vehicle’s battery. Fast charging stations are often found along highways or in specific locations and can recharge an EV battery significantly faster than Level 2 chargers.