Trenchless Solutions

Trenchless Technology

Hebs Group Ltd.’s Trenchless Solutions division has the expertise to repair damaged drainage systems, sewers, and pipelines for your infrastructure needs using advanced trenchless technology, without dig replacement methods.

Our cutting-edge LED Ultra Violet curing and liner installation unit, including Pipe Aid LED patch repair system ensure precise and controlled repairs with minimum disruption.

Furthermore, our state-of-the-art pipe bursting rigs, directional drilling equipment, and laser-guided auger boring technology enable us to replace, upsize, and install new utility pipelines seamlessly – no need for extensive trenches and excavations.

CIPP & UV patch lining

Cracked or fractured sewers and poor fitting pipelines can cause extensive damage, flooding and persistent blockages. Our expert lining crews use the latest LED-UV patch lining systems to repair damaged pipes in difficult situations without excavation or disruption. Unlike conventional CIPP liners, the UV lighting system gives us full control over the curing process and eliminates the risk of a failed or stuck liner, and requires no harsh or noxious chemicals.

UV LED pipe lining

Hebs Group Ltd also have the equipment and capabilities to line both gravity and pressure driven sewer systems and pipe lines. Our lightweight self-inversion and UV LED system is ideal for speedy installations from manhole to manhole, and our lateral cutting unit can reopen any connection on the line. Like the patch lining unit, this give us full control reduces risk and environmental impact and is completely Styrene free.

Directional drilling

When traditional open cut methods of replacing utilities and pipelines become to risky due to location or other obstructions we can use our state-of-the-art directional drilling equipment. From utility ducting sewers to mains water pipes of all sizes, our drilling teams can install a new pipe from A to B without major excavations and disruption to the surrounding environment. Our accurate guidance system is ideal for road crossings river crossings and new manhole connections.

Pipe bursting and thrust boring

Hebs Group’s Trenchless Solutions division has the capability and specialist knowledge to replace clay sewers, pitch fibre pipes MDPE & steel utility pipes using our unique pipe bursting equipment and accessories. By combining our trenchless systems, we can remove a collapsed section, pipe burst through the existing line and pull into place a new, more suitable pipe material or upsize the existing pipe to a larger diameter to increase flow and reduce flooding risks.

Construction without destruction

Our investment in the best equipment and industry knowledge has allowed us to expand our offerings, providing top-of-the-line trenchless technology services, as well as develop our drain care service, Hebs Flowtech.

Through this service, we’ve gained valuable expertise in trenchless methods for new and existing clients, which allows us to repair pipe work and utilities in a cleaner, faster and safer way.

From pipe bursting to directional drilling, we have the skills and equipment necessary to get the job done right. At Hebs Group Ltd, our commitment to excellence sets us apart as leaders in the industry.