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Signs of Root Intrusion in Sewer Pipes

Signs of Root Intrusion in Sewer Pipes

Maintaining a healthy and functional drain system is key to ensuring the health and safety of commercial properties. In order to do this, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential problems that can arise within your sewer pipes. A common issue that can lead to serious damage is root intrusion, but spotting the signs early can help you take action, before it’s too late.

What Causes Root Intrusion? 

Root intrusion refers to the tendency of tree roots to grow into and damage underground structures like pipes, foundations, and septic tanks. Tree roots are attracted to moisture, so they often seek out sources of water like cracked pipes, sewage lines, or leaky conduits. When roots enter these structures, they can grow rapidly and cause blockages, leaks, and other forms of damage.

5 Signs of Root Intrusion in Sewer Pipes 

  1. Bad odours

One of the most obvious signs of root intrusion is foul odours emanating from the drainage system, whether indoors or outdoors. Roots that have breached the sewer line will prevent wastewater from flowing freely and cause blockages. This can result in an unpleasant smell of musty or earthy bacteria and other debris build-up that is hard to ignore. 

  1. Slow drains

If you notice that sinks and showers are draining slowly, or hear a strange gurgling noise, this is another possible sign. As roots grow within the pipes, they’ll naturally block the flow of water and catch debris such as hair, paper, plastic and other objects, impeding the proper functioning of your sewer system. 

  1. Low water pressure 

To follow, another sign of root intrusion is low water pressure. Over the course of time, tree roots can cause cracks within the pipes if not addressed promptly, and the pump will need to work harder to push the water through, which can lead to leaks, breaks and reduced water pressure. 

  1. Toilet back-ups 

Blocked or hazardous overflowing toilets are a significant sign that root intrusion is present in the sewer pipes, so it’s important to take immediate action. The more substantial the blockage, the more difficult it is for the water from toilets to drain freely. If the water levels in a commercial property’s toilets are high, make sure to call a professional. 

  1. Sinkholes 

When pipes are compromised due to root intrusion, seepages can form in the surrounding soil, causing it to shift. Over time, this will lead to sinkholes, or more major issues such as foundation cracks and other structural issues. Therefore, if you noticed the surface of your property sinking or cracking, it is advisable to have a professional plumber conduct a comprehensive check-up of your sewer lines.

To prevent root intrusion, selecting plants with non-invasive root systems and using root barriers when landscaping near pipes can be effective to divert growth. However, hiring a professional plumber to assess your system and take corrective action is the best route forward.

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