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What is Hydrodemolition

What is Hydrodemolition?

Previously, removing deteriorated concrete structures was a time-consuming and expensive process. Traditional methods require heavy machinery such as jackhammers or hydraulic breakers, which often generate a large amount of dust and debris. But now, with the advent of hydrodemolition, it has never been easier, safer, and more eco-friendly. 

What is Hydrodemolition?

Hydrodemolition, also known as hydroblasting, is a unique process of removing concrete using ultra-high-pressure water jets equipped with special nozzles. These can reach operational pressures greater than 40,600 psi, which enables the water jets to break apart concrete at a controlled depth, blasting it from the surface without damaging the reinforcing steel within. The process can also be used on asphalt, tarmac, and similar materials.

How Does it Work?

Hydrodemolition works by directing pressured water jets at a precise angle to the surface of the concrete. The water penetrates and dismantles the concrete, leaving behind a clean, level bonding surface for resurfacing. Hydrodemolition can be used to remove thick layers, underwater concrete on offshore structures such as jetties and harbours, and concrete in hard-to-reach areas like corners, edges, and joints. 

Key Benefits of Hydrodemolition

Eco-friendly: Unlike traditional demolition methods, hydrodemolition generates minimal dust, which greatly reduces the risk of contamination.The water used in the process is 100% recyclable and can be used for other purposes. Moreover, it produces less noise and vibration, making it safer for workers. 

Cost-effective: Though specialised equipment may incur initial setup costs, the resulting high-quality repairs guarantee a longer lifespan for structures and reduced maintenance costs. Hydrodemolition is also faster than traditional methods, making it a more efficient way of concrete demolishment. 

Improved quality: Hydrodemolition selectively removes loose or damaged concrete, preserving the structural integrity of steel rebars without leaving microfractures. This results in a higher quality final product, which is crucial when repairing or reinforcing existing structures.

Versatile: Hydrodemolition can remove any thickness of concrete, from a thin brush of spalled concrete up to a metre of thick deck. It is also ideal for removing rough, keyed, or uneven surfaces, as it can precisely remove only the surface to be repaired, without affecting the surrounding material.

Applications of Hydrodemolition

Hydrodemolition is used for a variety of construction, maintenance and infrastructure projects. Some of the most common applications include:

1. Bridge repair and maintenance 

2. Tunnels and underground infrastructure 

3. Dams and water impoundments 

4. Parking garages and structures 

5. Industrial plants and facilities 

6. Marine structures 

7. Runways and taxiways at airports 

Find the Right Concrete Demolition Solution For You

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, hydrodemolition will become a valuable tool for preserving our infrastructure in a safe and eco-friendly manner. 

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